BuddyTV's Non-Prophet: Episode 2 American Idol
This week, BuddyTV's newest web series continues as Sarah East discusses the future of American Idol. As our resident Non-Prophet, Sarah will use her keen inner eye to predict the outcomes and themes of this season. We're only one week into auditions but Sarah's already got American Idol pegged. She doesn't give away the winner but she does drop a few hints about the drama of season 9.

More importantly, Sarah East provides some wisdom on what we, as viewers, can do to help our Paula Abdul withdraws. If you were a big fan of the Abdul American Idol drinking game, never fear, a solution is here. And it's a good one too. I mean Sarah's a psychic, how could it not be? (Note: Once again, none of Sarah's predictions have proven to be true just yet but the future is still before us and BuddyTV has faith in Ms. East's powers).

So give Episode 2 a look and let us know if you agree.

- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist