BuddyTV's 'Idol' Expert Anoop Desai Makes His Picks for Who is Going Home
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Part of our American Idol Fantasy TV contest is beating our very own Idol expert, Anoop Desai. Need a little extra help making your picks for who will be the first of the top 12 to go home? Get an insider's thoughts on who could be going home tonight and why. 

Anoop Desai's three picks to go home are:

1. Tim Urban 

The arrangement was a little clumsy, and Tim's voice simply isn't as strong as the others. Combine that with a few underwhelming performances in a row, and I think it might be his time this week.

2. Andrew Garcia 

I just think Andrew peaked too early. Nothing since his Hollywood week performance of "Straight Up" has done much for me.

3. Lacey Brown

I hate picking Lacey, but I can't not pick her this week. This week was very "eh" as a whole, but based on past performances and support, Lacey might leave.