BuddyTV's 'Idol' Expert Anoop Desai Predicts Who is Going Home Tonight
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Part of our American Idol Fantasy TV contest is beating our very own Idol expert, Anoop Desai. Though he needs no introduction, we introduced him to you last week and now get an insider's thoughts on who could be going home tonight and why. 

Last week was a big shocker to most. Anoop currently stands in 114th place and tied with many of you with 750 points. Will he pull ahead this week?

Anoop Desai's three picks to go home are:

1. John Park

The judges were right when he said he didn't sing with enough soul. He also hasn't quite figured out the genre he wants to focus in, and that will make it hard for fans to really dedicate themselves to him.

2. Jermaine Sellers

I actually thought Jermaine did a pretty good job, but based on the judges comments, his competition, and his song choice, I think he might be getting the axe on this week's results show.

3. Didi Benami

As much as I love Didi's voice, this is the second week in a row she didn't live up to her capabilities. It was between her and Haeley for my third choice, but I think Haeley's song choice will resonate more with Idol viewers.

So there you have it. Anoop has made his picks, have you made yours? 

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