BuddyTV Users sound off on Idol Gives Back
American Idol's two-hour Idol Gives Back sparked much debate over their decision to eliminate no one last night.  The night raised millions of dollars for a good cause, but did they betray fans by revealing the "twist" at the end of the show?  Were they unnecessarily cruel to Jordin Sparks, who must've thought she was eliminated?  BuddyTV users let their voices be heard.  These are the best comments regarding what happened on last night's show.

Idol Fans from Virginia said: The Biggest Shock of Idol was the Look on Jordin Sparks Face and that of her family when Seacreast said Chris Richardson you are safe. The dramtic pause to let Jordin know she wouldn't be elimanted from AI also, was just cruel.

Barry from Los Angeles said: I have never agreed with the voting system initiated by American Idol. After Taylor Hicks won by getting the most votes I almost stopped watching the show. There should be some sort of limit on the number of votes. A few thousand votes coming from some one who has speed dialing is not fair. It should be one vote per phone line. Melinda is good singer but has a dull personality. Jordin might have it all.

Elaine from Houston, TX said: Dial Idol showed that all the contestants were neck and neck this week except Jordin, so it is very possible that Melinda could go home next week.

Jeff from Essex, UK said:
I wonder if the judges being extra nice swayed any of the voters. Best examples: Chris (sucked, I can't believe Randy of all people didn't call him out on his bad vocals) and Jordin (good, but not even CLOSE to one of the best idol performances. Remember Fantasia doing "Summertime"? Randy declared that THE BEST performance he'd ever heard. Me too.).

Amy from Waco, TX said: Melinda can sing but is very fake and I can't stand to watch her. Jordin is the winner hands down and they shouldn't have let her think she was going home last night. That was very cruel and uncool!

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