BuddyTV Users discuss the American Idol final four
American Idol eliminated two singers last night, setting up a formidable final four.  Early in the season, it looked as if the overall quality of singers was down from previous years and, while this may be true to an extent, these last four contestants could all probably hold their own on most seasons.  Our users had a lot to say about both last night, and what they think will be happening over the rest of the season.

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Marianne said:
Two for two. The contestants should learn that fate doesn't want them to sing songs that foretell elimination. First Gina had to sing Smile after losing; now, Phil had to sing Blaze of Glory in the same situation. The irony isn't lost on anyone - particularly the singers.

blah, blah, blah ... from Toronto said: i think we would all be winners if they just wrapped this all up next week ... would anyone really buy any of these people's CDs? would anyone really go and see any of these people in concert? other than melinda, the talent isn't stellar, people!!

And the award for most long-winded, yet well-reasoned overview of the final four goes to:

jeffhas said: BS Remy. LaKisha's best performance to date was her first 'Dreamgirls' rendition. One of the best all season... but after that - all scream all the time - until this week's Bon Jovi Turn... I don't know what season you're watching, but she is clearly NOT the most improved. That title should go to Jordin, who was practically unnoticeable the first few weeks, and has broken out to be an actual contender. Melinda is and has been the most consistent, and seems to have the best pipes, but that phony 'I'm a good singer?' routine wore out her welcome - especially when Paula asks if she liked doing rock, and she once again feigns not knowing how to make the devil horns - yeah right - like you didn't practice that even once during rock week!...Even if she is the best singer, being NOT GENUINE will (and should) hurt her. As far as Blake being original or novel, at least he took a risk. He clearly restrained his beatboxing - which could've gotten old real quick - over the last several weeks.  Blake actually SANG songs, and his rendition of 'Time of the Seasons' during music of the 60's week was terrific vocally... don't believe me - just go to www.americanidol.com and play it. I think he's a shoe in for the final, surely he'll get the lions share of the votes since we lost two guys - especially after Chris's "HE'S MY BEST FRIEND - I'D GO HOME FOR HIM" speech. If America picks up on the phony baloney vibe from Melinda - she's out, but since it is a singing competition, and she does have the best vocals, she might make it. I say it's a Jordin and Blake finale, who cares who wins - the loser might actually fare better! (Daughtry vs. Hicks - where's Taylor??)