Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol's Melinda Doolittle
Melinda Doolittle's elimination is still sending shock waves among the American Idol's fan circles. Whether you agree with the result or not, you have to agree that Melinda was an incredible pure singer.  Melinda answered questions from the press this morning, and we were there to listen in and jot down the most important and interesting bits.  Here are the quick bullets points:

-Melinda thinks that, first off, Jordin and Blake were great performers, and that that is probably the main reason she voted off.  She admits that she may have received a lot of the older vote, people who, although passionate, weren't as vote-crazy as some of the younger voters.  

-Melinda feels like the "mama" of the group, since she is so much older than everyone.  And, she says that Blake is the class clown.

-There's talk about Melinda's fashion sense, but it all might as well be a foreign language to me.

-She talks about back-up singers and the support system within that elite sort of fraternity.

-Melinda says that a number of the artists she sang back-up for have called her and been extremely supportive of her. 

-Melinda says that, unfortunately, the first time she entirely let loose was last night after she had been eliminated.

-Overall, Melinda couldn't have asked for more from the experience.

-Melinda admits that she loved singing background and, yeah, she is going to miss parts of being a back-up singer.

-When asked about her new "sexiness" and where it came from, Melinda says she has no idea where it came from.

-It turns out that Melinda's been wearing wigs every week.

-Melinda is flattered by how shocked people are that she was eliminated.

-She applauds Blake for his unique arrangements.

-She calls the contestants "one big happy family". 

-Melinda says it doesn't make sense that Jordin can be 17 and sing like she does. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Photo courtesy of FOX)