Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Lakisha Jones
We at BuddyTV we're privileged to listen in to the weekly American Idol  press conference with the eliminated contestant.  This week it is Lakisha Jones who, in a mildly surprising vote, was ousted from the competition last night.  As we've been doing with these press conferences, here is the lowdown on what Lakisha said:

Lakisha thinks that starting out as the early favorite hurt her on the show.  She believes that with the different styles of music, you can't always have those big songs that seem to suit her best.

Lakisha says that Simon, in fact, is a good kisser. 

From here on out, Lakisha has a bunch of interviews, then the Idol tour and then she hopes to record an album.

She defends her song choices, saying that she chose to do songs by winners (Fantasia and Carrie) and does not regret doing so.

Lakisha didn't like when Simon said that she was shouting.

She can't wait to go on Oprah.

Lakisha's voice is extremely hoarse. 

This week, she had a blouse that was destroyed at the Dry Cleaners, and that really had a negative impact on her week.

Simon told her, after last night, that he was very proud of her and that she would have a good career.

She's not sure what kind of album she wants to release, but she wants it to be "sassy and soulful".

Weirdly, she can't wait to perform again with Sanjaya on the Idol tour.

Lakisha admits that the last two weeks, with their theme genres, were out of her comfort zone.

She says that "Sanjaya was like the little brother who got on your nerves".  She consoled him during his stressful times, and they have a good relationship.

On Tuesday's show, Lakisha said she basically gave up because of the huge strain on her voice.

Her favorite performance this season was "And I'm Telling You."

Since she didn't make it into the top 3, Lakisha probably won't be able to go visit home (Flint, Michigan) for awhile.

Her daughter is going to be able to go on tour with her, which is great news.

She has very nice things to say about the three remaining contestants.

(Image Courtesy FOX)