Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Sanjaya Malakar
For some it came as a relief and for others it was a disappointment but either way it was the end of Sanjaya Malakar's American Idol experience last night.  While the judges have consistently been unimpressed with Sanjaya, America continued to keep him in the competition despite Simon's "horrendous" comments.  BuddyTV was in on an exclusive press conference this morning with Sanjaya and the following is a recap of what transpired:

Despite the rampant controversy over his being on American Idol, Sanjaya never thought about quitting.   He knew that he was going to stay as long as he possibly could and work hard every week.  He read the online blogs to balance himself because it was "impossible not to hear stuff and often times it was negative."  He read both positive and negative reviews to keep him grounded.  He's learned not to let any negativity get to him and keep on trucking and try to find the positive.

Bonnie Raitt was not his first choice last night and country music is definitely not his genre.  He feels more comfortable with R&B and jazz.  His favorite song choice in the competition was "Besame Mucho."  That was the strongest performance he noted because he felt really good about it and he sang the best in that one and put the most energy and emotion into that one.

His hair became his thing during American Idol because everyone looks for something to grab onto with each contestant.  His favorite hairstyle was when he sang "Besame Mucho" because he's always wanted his hair to be curly like that even though "it's a little bit curly naturally."  With his hair he always had an idea and the stylist would help him execute it.  It was the same process with his clothing because he really wanted to capture his personality.  He did have a lot of help but the ideas were mainly his. 

In regards to Simon, Sanjaya said that he is an amazing person and what he does is awesome.  He's very opinionated but Sanjaya learned more from him than anyone else on the show.  He noted that everyone has their own opinion and "there's always going to be haters and always support."  In regards to Vote For the Worst or Howard Stern he doesn't think they really made a dent in anything.  He thinks the reason he stayed on the show is because of his fans.

Up next, he is definitely looking at a music career but also acting, modeling and possibly Broadway.  He wants to get the full entertainment career.  He'll be back home on Tuesday and he'll rest before he goes on tour and does the finale.  Before he went on American Idol he loved to walk down the street singing really, really loudly.  He loves to go to Seattle Center and "just be free."

His mother will help him in his future decisions.  The main thing he'll look for in his next project is something he feels strongly about because it's not about money; it's about putting your true self out there.  He's also ready to hire a bodyguard.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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