Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Haley Scarnato
Last night's American Idol results show saw the departure of Texan Haley Scarnato, much to the bemusement of teenage boys across the nation.  Haley's Idol legacy will be one of mini-skirts and disappointing performances, but she was certainly likable and had what some would call an "infectious charm". 

We listened in on Haley's press conference this morning and recorded anything of note.  Check out the info below.

Haley thought song choice was a very difficult aspect of the competition, especially getting the songs she wanted to sing cleared.  Many times, Haley wanted to do a certain song, but it wouldn't clear.

She loved working with LuLu and also thought Jennifer Lopez was great.

Celine Dion, Martina McBride, Faith Hill were big influences on her while growing up.

She never really considered changing how she dressed when Simon started commenting on her looks.  She always just liked dressing up for the theme nights and that she liked dressing up just in general.

She wasn't aware of what was being said about Sanjaya.

She's not upset with getting voted off before Sanjaya, and she thinks that he is a great kid. 

She's disappointed that she wasn't able to work with Martina McBride in an upcoming episode. 

If she had made it to next week, Haley says she would've wore a "choir robe" in response to the Simon's comments.

Haley, talking about Simon's comments, admits that it was a little confusing when she got both praised and criticized for her clothes.  She admits that it did hurt a little when Simon accused her of showing off skin to stay on the show.

Everyone was supportive of each other, especially during the elimination shows.

Haley has a number of appearances and interviews coming up, in addition to having to plan her own wedding. 

Haley admits that she did, in fact, wear Kat McPhee's old hair extensions and she enjoyed it.

Simon didn't talk to Haley after she was eliminated.

She hasn't slept and is unaware of any offers or opportunities she may have coming up.

Mostly, Haley really wants a record deal and is optimistic that she'll get one.