Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Stephanie Edwards
Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Stephanie Edwards
Last night on American Idol, Stephanie Edwards was sent home.  Based on the judges negative comments, Stephanie knew that she would probably be in the bottom three but still wanted to make it to the Top 10.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be a part of a live press conference with Stephanie this morning.  The following is a recap of what transpired:

Stephanie had a feeling that she would be going home last night.  Though she loved the song that she chose, she felt that maybe a more upbeat song would have allowed her to connect more with the audience.  The judges comments didn't help matters, but those can often be conflicting from week to week.  Stephanie wished she had just stuck to being herself, not thought about the other voices in the competition, and focused on performing.

Being compared to the other "belters" was difficult because it prevented Stephanie from finding her own voice.  Though she has often been compared to popular singers like Beyonce and Fantasia, she believed that that couldn't have hurt her in the competition because America loves those voices.

It was Randy that reminded her to find her own voice in the competition.  She also received great advice from Diana Ross, who told her to be more sexy when singing her song during last week's episode.  Lulu didn't have any suggestions for Stephanie because she loved the song, which is why Stephanie was wary of the judges comments.

The whole Idol experience has been great for her, as the contestants were more like family than competitors.  Everyone helped each other out and gave each other support and advice.  It was a great experience living with the other contestants and being away from her home in Georgia.

Though she won't be going on tour (only the Top 10 have that privilege), she will be a part of the compilation album that includes the Top 12.  While she doesn't know what song she will be singing, she is excited to get into the studio to cut a track.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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