Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestants
Last night, the Top 12 finalists were selected on American Idol, which meant that 4 had to say good-bye.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Those contestants were Jared Cotter, Antonella Barba, Sabrina Sloan, and Sundance Head.  The following is a recap of what transpired:


Jared Cotter: 

Jared is still shocked and disapointed that he is going to be home so early.  He believes that the song choice method and suggestions from production were a lose-lose situation.  It wasn't his performance that got him voted off, he says, it was Simon's comments that led to the results.  Though he doesn't have any regrets about his song choices in the competition, he would have liked to update a Diana Ross song next week, which is more his style.  He believes they do need to get a handle on the websites that endorse "vote for the worst" and that yesterday's eliminations were not based on votes alone.  Something is up...

Going into the competition, he knew that American Idol could be a springboard for a future career, even if he didn't win.  He's a model and an actor as well so he's going to stick around LA for a while, saying, "I can't go back to waiting tables, I'll tell you that." But he is looking forward to going to home to New York and seeing his family and friends.  In regards to the other contestants, he thinks that Sanjaya making it to the top 12 is great for him.

Antonella Barba:

Antonella is very proud to have gotten into the Top 16. It was difficult for her to be put down by the judges even though she thought she earned her spot and that her fans were supportive.  She believes, "sometimes they say things just to say things." As far as her future is concerned, she would definitely do pop music with an R&B flair. Though there have been rumors of a Playboy offer, she says they have not approached her and that she would not pose, not now at least. 

 We were only able to learn a bit about the "photos," as the publicist fielded most of those questions.  She did note that it was difficult for her to deal with those "outside things" going on while she was on the show but she tried to block it out as much as possible.  "I'm here to sing and all that other stuff was completely irrelevant," she said.  Though she keeps getting told, "no publicity is bad publicity," she wanted to make a name for herself in singing and not in any other way.  Throughout the ordeal, the producers were very supportive.  The pictures that actually are her, were very personal and private and that was not how she intended to portray herself or how she will portray herself in the future.   Despite all of the negative publicity, she still thinks it was worth it.

Sabrina Sloan:

Sabrina hadn't prepared herself for going home, partly because the judges told her that she was going to be in the Top 12 and maybe America thought she was safe.  The judges do influence America's vote and she thinks that maybe they should be more careful about what they say but that they didn't mean for her to end up being voted off.  In her case, she didn't really appreciate Simon's "hotel" comment.  Being lumped in with the other big voiced, diva-type singers probably hurt her as well.  Despite being eliminated, she doesn't think that her song choice was bad and she feels good about all of the choices she made during the competition.

It's really hard for her thinking about not being able to be on the Diana Ross episode.  As for her favorite performance, she thinks that the girls always do fantastically well and that a girl will win this year.  She hinted at Melinda being her favorite but she wouldn't predict who would win it all.  Though she's not in Hairspray anymore, she's definitely thinking of a solo career but would also go back to Broadway.  Though she has a waiting period before she can move on with other offers, she definitely has some things on the table.

Sundance Head:

Sundance is not real sure what happened last night, he thinks that perhaps America thought he was safe.  Since he was almost positive that he was going to make it to the Top 12, he was extremely disappointed and even angry at the results.  Had he performed badly, he could have prepared himself better but he believes (as many do) that he did very well.  He said that with the Top 24 you can "throw talent out the window" because it is a popularity contest.

Despite being eliminated, he is very grateful for the whole experience and is proud and honored to have been a part of that whole team.  As soon as he returns home he will start working on an record.  He had sung before and shopped for record deals but people were not interested in hiring a "fat artist."  Sundance retracted his statement made on Ryan Seacrest's show about who he thought would win and said that he thinks everyone is great and that he has no hard feelings, even for Sanjaya.  He wishes Sanjaya the best.  He couldn't give an answer as to who he would like to win.  His next move is going back to Texas to get a band together and be a "road warrior."  He would have loved to work with Bono, as Sundance believes that he is a "rock god."

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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