Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestants
Four American Idol contestants were eliminated from the show last night by the votes of America, paring the field down from 20 to 16.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Theose contestants were Nick Pedro, Alaina Alexander, AJ Tabaldo, and Leslie Hunt.  Here is a recap of what transpired

Nick Pedro:

He thought maybe not enough people voted, maybe they assumed he was safe. Song choice is probably the key thing. He didn't think he sounded like a crooner, but he went back to the judge's suggestion and did the "Fever" song and got a really good reception. "Hopefully it's the beginning of a few other things."

Other contestants were telling him they thought he was safe.  Last year he was just completely exausted from the schedule of the Hollywood round...was totally spent.  He didn't want to be remembered that way and wanted to prove to himself and the world how good he really could be.  It's bittersweet because he's really bummed to go home.  The show has made Nick realize just really how passionate about music he is.  Everyone else seemed to have some type of performace experience and he had zero.  I have no regrets.  I think being charming and charisma go hand in hand.  I was just going to take my bow and sing my song and not have it out with anybody.  I wanted to always maintain my honor.  "When we sing, it's just kind of like we're naked up there."

Alaina Alexander:

Aliana had nothing political behind her song and she hoped that didn't hurt her in any way.  If she could do it over again she would be more educated in song chioce.  She'd always written and played her own guitar and sang her own songs and while Nigel told her that in these first few performances you could do what you wanted, if you could get it cleared so she could have done her own song, she thought she'd wait.  She always just tried to be herself and maybe it was just the song choice.  Since everybody is cute, she doesn't know what it comes down to; it's so unpredictable. 

In regards to Antonella, Aliana noted that going into the show you let them know everything, so that if anything comes up, they can get your back. She also said that Antonella is "a trooper, she's strong, she's going to be just fine."  "I love being creative, I love the fast pace...we'll see what happens" "Im not waiting for anybody."  "It really hasn't set in that everyones seen me cry".  It's hard the first time taking criticism from the judges.  She's going to miss the fast pace.  "What people dont understand, we are with each other every single day, we do things individually so when we're all together hanging out and waiting, its kind of like being in a fraternity."

AJ Tablado:

Tried out five separate times, and he says that his family has been there for him throughout his journey.  He doesn't regret his song choice (the same song as Leslie) and thinks that, since the judges enjoyed it, you can't blame the song for his elimination.  AJ Tabaldo sees himself as having a big future as a singer and he won't be quitting any time soon.  He's open to singing national anthems or whatever he needs to sing to succeed in the business.  AJ finds the elimination days much more nerve-wracking than the performance days.  AJ admits that he was surprised that he was voted off, but also says that he thought it was a possibility and that you just never know.  AJ says that, contrary to what some might say, what the judges say really do mean a lot.   While AJ is Phillipino, he is not fluent in the language, but is very in touch with Phillipino culture. 

Leslie Hunt:

Leslie has no idea why she was eliminated from the show last night, because she's just not too familiar with American Idol.  She knew it was going to be tough but she was very surprised with the outcome. She thinks it was possibly because she isn't very mainstream and that maybe the American public couldn't identify with her.  It was a risk that she felt she should take and that maybe she doesn't know America that well. She has Lupus, but also had an adverse reaction to a yellow fever vaccine in Brazil that almost killed her.   She thought the dedications before each performance were very tough and "added to the drama of the whole thing."  She wishes she had dedicated it to someone less emotionally tied to her but understood the theme among the girls to dedicate the song in a very emotional manner.  She loves to laugh and found that in American Idol it's so easy to get stifled or be worried about the way you act.  She was very honored to be admist such great performers.  She can't say who she's backing because she feels evenly about everyone.  Her and her best friend on the show, Gina, were really emotional at the end of the show and they were both sorry to be leaving each other and Leslie hopes that she'll do well because she deserves it.