Blake Lewis Didn't Care About Winning American Idol
Leading up to the American Idol, indeed as far back as the final four, many Blake Lewis supporters suggested that the unique performer probably did not care about winning the contest.  The presumption was that a performer as unique as Blake would be underutilized by American Idol’s pop saturated producers, and like Chris Daughtry, Lewis would be better off to channel his uniqueness into a more creatively compatible venue. 

In statements published at, Blake proved those supporters right by downplaying his loss and, more specifically, showing some relief about not having to go through the PR cuisinart that American Idol pushes its champions through.

"I never looked at it as winning and losing, I just tried going out and performing really well each day," said Lewis during a Friday conference call with reporters.  "In a sense I'm kind of glad I didn't win just because of contractual reasons... I think if you're first, you might have to come back for years or something and do stuff. Which is great, at the same time because American Idol is such an amazing show and experience.  I honestly didn't care one bit about winning or losing because I called myself a winner just by getting in the Top 10."

With the national exposure of American Idol behind him, and the subsequent experience of the pending American Idol tour, Blake has a fantastic foundation from which to launch a successful career built around his unique talents. 

"'This Is My Now' is definitely not my style.  It's a song I would never sing if I didn't have to.  It fit [Jordin] perfectly, Honestly I think they should have had two songs -- one that was tailored to both of us -- but I'm so happy with being in second place.  I never thought I'd get here in the first place.”

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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