Best User Comments - Sanjaya Goes Bye Bye!
It finally happened!  Sanjaya has been voted off American Idol!  In a week that saw an incredible 38 million votes, the majority of American Idol viewers did not favor Sanjaya and the mythical strength of the pro-Sanjaya movement proved to be just that, a myth.  Was it expected?  Well, I know it was expected weeks ago, but did anybody think it could possibly happen this week?  Let's take a look back at some of your best comments leading up to this historic elimination.

APS said: gave "A solid performance".... oh come now, let's not go overboard! It was better than previous weeks, but it was still out of tune and weak. His best performance, but still the weakest of the bunch. However, I do agree with other posters, something in him has hit the USA listeners (pre-teen girls?) and record producers will be wise to jump on it. Give the kid singing lessons, do multiple takes in the recording studio, fix it up with the magic of computers, and put out a CD of Sanjaya. Personal apprearances could be a problem... he may need to lip sync! (Michigan)


(Kevil, KY)