American Idol Top 12 Recap: Guys, Guys, Guys! (Page 1/3)
American Idol Top 12 Recap: Guys, Guys, Guys! (Page 1/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Season 9 of American Idol got started in earnest last night with the Top 12 Girls taking the stage, but instead of blowing us out of the water, I was left treading water -- and waiting for a wow performance.

While the girls twinkled, they didn't blind me with their brilliance. Hopefully, that all changes tonight with a super (nova) performance from the Top 12 guys. Just like the girls, they'll be singing Hot Billboard singles and just like the ladies, we've warned them what they should and should not be singing. Hopefully the guys take direction better than Katie Stevens.

Despite all the pre-season hyping of the girls, we're counting on the guys to save week one and bring something unique to the table. And, we're hoping that Andrew Garcia isn't the only one who does so. Is that too much to ask?

We'll find out live tonight as the guys take the stage. Follow along with me here for my live thoughts and chat along with me in the comments. After the night is over, don't forget to make your American Idol Fantasy TV picks for who'll be the first guys and gals eliminated from season 9. This season, there are extra perks for playing: you'll be competing against genuine American Idol expert Anoop Desai and you'll be competing for some fabulous prizes.

But enough about tomorrow's inevitable eliminations, tonight it's all about the guys and it's all about the songs. Who do you think will shine tonight? And who do you think will be given the all important pimp spot?


So, who did the audience cheer for the loudest? Surprising no one, Andrew Garcia. Todrick Hall also got a big round of applause. Surprisingly quite cheers? Aaron Kelly.

Also if that intro order is performance order as it was last night, pimp spot does go to Andrew Garcia. I thought that was way too obvious, but then again, so was Katie Stevens. Thing is, I almost understand the placement tonight, Andrew Garcia and what he'll do is what's going to keep people on the channel if the guys stink up the stage the same way some of the ladies did. 

Todrick Hall

"Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

Oh no you diiin't Todrick. Todrick is attempting a spoken word, with hundreds of unecessary vocal run version of Kelly Clarkson's classic "Since U Been Gone," my favorite Idol song ever. Just the thought of messing with it verges on sacrilege. What Todrick does with it does more than verge. Let's just say, it's about as successful as Haeley's rewrite of the Beatles last night, in as much as it's totally unrecognizable. That being said, this took massive balls. Todrick hits most of his notes when he's singing, but he's sing-talking most of it. All in all Todrick delivered it with confidence and made it all about him, and definitely performed. However, he should watch for torch carrying Kelly fans. Fans like me.

Simons Says (Most Notable Judges Comment):

"I thought it was a crazy arrangement of the song. What you did was completely murder the original song. You can boo all you want, but nobody would buy it. I think what you did was verging on stupid."

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing:

Shaky (He'll be remembered, but for what reason?)

Aaron Kelly

"Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flats

Will Aaron Kelly remember the words or not? That's the question on everyone's mind. He does, indeed! Also, I'd like to note I said the best possible choice for Aaron to sing tonight would be a Rascal Flats song. I'll talk that as a half point. Here was my logic: if Aaron's going to win Idol it'll be thanks to the 10-Gallon Hat, Country FM loving voters. That and the teen girl vote, because even I want to pinch this kids cheeks. Tonight, I think he pleases all his possible fans. He has a big voice, even if he doesn't hit all the notes, and he serves up the tune with just the right nasal twang that country thrives on and teen girls identify with.

Simon Says:

"You're a good singer. Very likable. Very cute, but you have to take control of the song. I think absolutely 100% you'll be here this week." Kara also said Aaaron is her favorite kind of contestant.

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing:


Jermaine Sellers

"Get Here" by Oleta Adams

In his pre-roll, Jermaine apologizes for being a jackass to the band during Hollywood Week, which made me hate him. So tonight, in the hopes of experiencing him on a clean slate and with open ears,  I will forgive him. Man, the open ears promise may have been a mistake. Jermaine is definitely a church singer, though in his lower notes there is some pleasing roughness. When he goes super high, which he seems addicted to doing, he's a sharp and off. I prefer he stay in mid-range and lower ranges where his voice is rich full and raspy. In those areas, the performance showed a lot of vocal promise, if he was could get over the bad vocal habits of being a church singer. (There's a reason Melisma Abuser Anonymous Meetings are held in churches.)

Simon Says:

"And then in the middle when you were trying to over sing it, it actually sounded like you were screaming. I think you totally blew your opportunity with that." The rest of the judges vehemently degree with Simon on the blowing the opportunity, but they agree on the over-singing.

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing:

Shaky (and the half apology at the end about being a diva that then kind of turned into him being a diva, didn't do him any favors.)