American Idol's Sanjaya Straightens us out!
The Sanjaya experience is over, as far as the competition side of American Idol is concerned – we still have the tour – the weirdness, on the other hand, continues full tilt.  The recently ousted Sanjaya has started releasing his post American Idol wave of sound bites and they are both heartwarming at times, and at others just plain weird.  Hmmm, sort of like his American Idol performances?

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Sanjaya to discuss his ouster from the show, Vote For the Worst, and where he will go from here.  First suggestion:  fortuneteller.  According to Sanjaya, it was no surprise that his number was finally up.

“When I saw the show on Tuesday I felt like I was going home. I tend to be psychic because my name means ‘Spiritual Psychic.’ If I am in any way, that was the point where it showed. I felt it in my bones that I was going home.”

So, let me take a wild guess here and say that Sanjaya’s middle name means ‘guy who can’t sing but has amazing luck’.  Regardless of the continued wacky behavior, leave it to Sanjaya to put us all in our places when it comes to the question of his lyrical improvisation with “Something to Talk About”.  During the song, Sanjaya sang “Other than hair” in place of “How about love?”

Presumably, this was a stab at his critics who assail everything from his thin voice to his infamously bizarre hairstyles.  According to Sanjaya, though, this is not the case at all.

“I was basically saying, ‘Come on, America. There are so many more important things you can be talking about other than my hair,' because there are a lot of intense, important things going on. I just wanted to put that out there.”

Y’know what Sanjaya, I take back everything bad I ever said about you.  You ROCK!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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