American Idol's Most Successful Losers
American Idol brings the dream of super stardom within reach for a select group of contestants every year, yet paradoxically it is sometimes the show's most infamous losers that go on to garner the most success.  Now perhaps "loser" is too strong a word in this case, many argue that American Idol exposure alone can bring success, yet that has not been proven by the odds.  Here are four individuals that did find phenomenal success - of one form or another - in the wake of failing to become the "American Idol."

Kimberly Caldwell’s career prior to American Idol was packed with high profile successes.  Beginning her career at the tender age of five she went on to garner five wins from Star Search and performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Caldwell was the seventh contestant voted off American Idol season four.  Her gorgeous looks and talent were not lost judge Randy Jackson, however, who agreed to produce Caldwell’s as yet unreleased solo album.

Despite not raising to musical stardom, Caldwell has become one of the most dynamic spokespersons of reality TV news hosting news events from TV Guide, MTV, to CNN.  Currently she is in the process of becoming an anchor at FOX news.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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