American Idol's Most Outrageous Shams
What has American Idol done wrong in its six year life span?  The answer: plenty.  On the whole, Idol has matured over the years, and generally learned from their mistakes.  But, to learn from your mistakes, you have to make mistakes, and that's what we're here to talk about.  The biggest shams to ever hit American Idol are well-known, but fans tend to have strong opinions on things that worked and things that didn't.  Saying that, we want to hear your opinion.  Which if the following instances, in your eyes, weren't really travesties?  What did we miss?

Preemptively, I'm going to defend something we didn't include: Paula Abdul.  Paula is not the most beloved figure in the American Idol universe, and has been the subject of controversy from time to time.  I'm not going to argue with Paula's tendency to ramble or her seeming lack of sobriety at times.  I'm almost positive that if Idol producers could go back and choose a different female judge, they'd go in another direction.

However, now that we have Paula, we must take the good with the bad.  The good, in my view, is that Paula Abdul is a fountain of entertainment.  Whether it is her non-sensical critiques or bizarre fashion decisions, her moments of unintentional comedy are classic.  Also, she is an easy (and willing) target for Simon's snide comments.  So, she ends up being a positive, in a weird way, but a positive nonetheless.  Click below to get started.

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