'American Idol': Who Are Your Final Two?
'American Idol': Who Are Your Final Two?
Competing on American Idol last night: Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. And someone else. Let's just leave it at that.

We've had weeks when we all agreed on who'd be going home, but not with as much conviction as this week. We all think Casey James is going home. We all think it's going to be a Crystal/Lee finale. It's just a matter of "how much?" -- which is where I come in, as always.

Here's how you voted in the polls last night. Here's how you made your picks on Fantasy TV. And here's how your esteemed Idol experts, Abbey Simmons and yours truly, chose who's going home with mind control. Well, not really, but you get the drift.

Your FantasyTV Picks for Elimination:

Casey James - 83%
Lee Dewyze - 11%
Crystal Bowersox - 6%

Poll results from last night's live thoughts:

Best performance of the night:

Lee Dewyze's "Hallelujah": 45%
Lee Dewyze's "Simple Man": 22%
Crystal Bowersox's "Maybe I'm Amazed": 22%

Worst performance of the night:

Casey James' "OK, It's Alright With Me": 55%
Casey James' "Daughters": 29%

Crystal's "Come To My Window" and Lee's "Hallelujah" tied for third at 7%.

Who's going home tonight?

Casey James: 91%
Crystal Bowersox: 5%
Lee Dewyze: 4%

57% of you thought that Casey's chances are nil because the final two had already been decided. 28% thought he just wouldn't be able to catch up with the frontrunners.

Experts' picks for elimination:

Do we really still have to talk about this? Casey James is going home, hands down.

Well, the other absolute is this: Lee Dewyze won't be going anywhere. In other words, Crystal's fate on the show can go both ways -- although she'll obviously be safe, you never know when the vote will swing a different direction without us knowing.

I only have one question for tonight: should we be surprised?

(Image courtesy of FOX)