American Idol Viewers, Paris Bennett Thinks you are a Joke!
Jennifer Hudson now has another high profile ex-American Idol contestant in her 'I hate the people that launched my career' club, none other than 'Princess P' Paris Bennett!   Paris called into a radio station to say that American Idol was a joke and she and some other, unnamed, former contestants were out to bring the show down.  Using the power of VoteForTheWorst to help Sanjaya win, Paris hopes to prove how American Idol is 'losing its taste'; obviously referring to the millions of people who kept her on the show long enough to gain national recognition.

With all the love American Idol has been getting from bitter ex-contestants these days, you've got to know they have their entire legal team looking at how to work in life long anti-defamation clauses.  I Mean seriously, yeah Paris is talented as heck, but if there is one thing I agree with VoteForTheWorst on it is that the idea that any season of Idol truly represents the best America has to offer is an illusion.   The country is overflowing with talented folks who would give body parts for the kind of exposure that American Idol offers.

You probably know people yourself with vocal talent equivalent to any singer to take the American Idol stage, if not just check with your local Cantor, I'm sure they can give you a few references.  Of course, there is a certain level of arrogance to be anticipated from any kind of performer since the extreme type-A's usually wind up being the ones getting the most attention, but acknowledging the folks who helped you climb to the top is sort of a prerequisite no matter how much of a jerk you are.

Portions of Paris' call to "Tone E Fly Morning Show" in Minneapolis were printed on including this paradoxical quote:  "We want to see him [Sanjaya] win because it'll kind of prove that 'American Idol' is kind of losing its taste, it kind of isn't going for talent anymore and more for popularity."

Um, Paris, darling, you were just on American Idol last season, not twenty years ago; isn’t questioning the 'taste' of American Idol's voting population in this tight a proximity to your own successful run on the show a little like shooting yourself in the foot?  What kind of message are you really sending by trying to sneak into the Sanjaya afterglow?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(image from FOX)