American Idol: BuddyTV Users say goodbye to Melinda
For many fans, last night's American Idol results show was a shocking disappointment.  Melinda Doolittle was considered by a large portion of viewers to be the best singer remaining on the show and the favorite to win it all.  These things happen on American Idol, however, and the elimination of Melinda will just go down in American Idol history as another of its various surprising results.  Below, you will find a sampling of the hundreds of comments we've received on BuddyTV regarding last night's show. 

Tami from Breckenridge said: Proof yet again that America just has no taste. Melinda was by far the best singer, I have never been impressed by Jordin's vocals or Blake's for that matter. Then again we have horrible pop stars like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears that sound like they sing through thier noses. I just hope Melinda knows she was by far too good for this competion.

Sandy from WI said: I don't think it was a shock that Melinda went, but for a slightly different reason. Her singing style is popular with only a particular segment of the population. Tina Turner may have had a great voice, but I wouldn't buy her music. Same with Melinda. I love her, and I think she has an awesome talent, but I don't like the music she chooses to sing. Bottom Line: Jordin and Blake appeal to a wider audience.

Roger from Los Angeles said: You Melinda fans are right, she's got the pipes . . . but how many Melinda-type artists do you have in your CD collection? Could you listen to 10, 12 songs of that kind of generic, all-purpose, one-size belting-it-out? She's made for musical theater, where you have interludes between musical performances and a dramtic/comedic story thread. As a solo, she'll tank faster than Taylor Hicks.

Ken from Mass said: The bottom line, in my eyes, Melinda Doolittle IS our 2007 American Idol, buy her CDs, make her #1 on the music chart. keep your head up Melinda, you are remarkable.

Deborah from CA said: There is a hell and it has frozen over with pigs flying over head! What an incredible waste of a season. So, regardless of the popular vote, Melinda will have a wonderful career and these 2 losers will be gone in a year or 2, probably sooner.

Ruth from Santa Fe, NM said: I think there were a lot of Melinda Doolittle fans that sat back and didn't vote. I also suspect that many voted against Simon's wish for Melinda.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer