American Idol's Tweet The Grammys
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Whether they were on the red carpet or watching the ceremony from home, former American Idol contestants and winners, were Tweeting away about last night's Grammy Awards. From Adam Lambert to Alexis Grace to Kelly Clarkson, everyone had 140 character updates on which winner's they were most excited for, their own Grammy dreams, and the high-flying awesomeness of Pink's performance.

Here's what you missed if you're not following your favorite Idols on Twitter. But you are following BuddyTV_Idol, right?

Adam Lambert Tweets from/about the Grammy Red Carpet and the Divas:

Season 8's Alexis Grace was equally impressed by Pink's performance:

Meanwhile, Alexis' season 8 counterpart Michael Sarver wasn't at the Grammys this year, but he hopes that'll change next year:

The most active Grammy Twitter goes to Twitter-newbie, Kelly Clarkson. She may be new to the Twitter game, but her amusing stream of Grammy thoughts, proves just like her performance on American Idol, Kelly's a natural:

After Steven Colbert won for Best Comedy Album:

Kelly proclaims the age of lip-syncing over:

She flies her Kings of Leon fan flag high:

She loved a "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

And lastly, she bids her Twitter followers adieu after a Grammy night well spent:

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