American Idol: Top 9 Results Show Quick Thoughts
So, who is it going to be tonight?  This should be one of the more interesting eliminations on American Idol this season, just because there are so many plausible candidates.  Will it be Phil Stacey, who turned in the worst non-Sanjaya performance last night?  Will it be Haley Scarnato, who has survived despite not being as good a singer as a number of the previously eliminated singers?  Could it be Gina Glocksen, whose style isn't as clearly mainstream as the other contestants?  Or, wlll it be Chris Richardson, who was at the bottom two weeks ago, but rebounded to safety last week?  Or, is it possible that the masses have come to their senses and finally eliminated Sanjaya Malakar, easily the worst singer to ever progress this far into an American Idol season?

Those are the five who I believe could possibly go home tonight.  That means that there are more possible eliminees, than contestants who are safe (those being Melinda Doolitle, Blake Lewis, Lakisha Jones, and Jordin Sparks).  My prediction: Phil Stacey hits the road tonight.  We shall see.  What follows are my quick, spur of the moment thoughts while watching the episode.

And we’re off.  Whatever happens tonight, it will be mildly surprising.  That is, unless, Phil Stacey goes home.  For some reason, though, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

If her outfit is any indication, Paula just returned from a zombie wedding.  It’s…hard to explain. 

We get a recap of last night’s performances. 

Paula’s Frank Sinatra comment regarding Phil was one of the more insane comments ever spoken be her, which is saying a lot. 

Wow, that’s an early commercial, just three minutes in.  What’s the deal, FOX.  Why not load up on those advertising dollars, I guess.  FOX really could just run 28 minutes of commercials with two minutes of Ryan telling us who was eliminated and still be the highest rated show of the millennium.

Hey’ it’s another one of those ridiculous Ford commercials featuring the remaining contestants.  This one has Bob Marley’s “One Love” while the Idols wash a car.  And then Kermit the Frog shows up for a cameo.  Really.  I’m not joking, I swear.  Kermit, you don’t have to stoop to that level.

The contestants have been divided into groups of three.

Blake, Chris, and Sanjaya are the first group to hear their verdict.

Or not.

Second group is Haley, Phil and Gina.  This has to be the bottom three.

The third group, the top 3, is Jordin, Melinda and Lakisha.  They are all safe.  Obviously. 

He heads back to Chris, Blake and Sanjaya.  They are the middle three.  Again.


So, that means Phil, Gina and Haley are in the bottom three.  This is, actually, what was expected.  I still say Phil is heading home.

Why does McDonalds always have THE WORST commercials?  They’re like 0 for 9,000 in the past decade. 

Answer a question to win $10,000!!!  It’s like the lottery, except little kids can play without realizing it costs them money!!!

Tony Bennett has come down with the flu, so he won’t be performing tonight.  However, Michael Buble will be taking his place.  This guys is kind of a big deal in some circles, from what I’ve heard.  He’s an old-school crooner dude.  Kind of like Harry Connick Jr., but with more baby fat.  He’s got a weird little style about him, some unique phrasing going on. 

Ha!  Buble asks Seacrest: “Am I wasting my votes by still voting for Antonella Barba?”  All right, I’m a Buble fan.

Commercial time.

All right, it's time for the results everyone.  Ryan is going to send one of the bottom three to safety. 

Wow, Phil is safe.  And I'm wrong again.

33 million people voted and...


Well, that's a little surprising.  Gina is certainly a better singer than Haley, but doesn't have some of Haley's other, uh...attributes.

What do you guys think?  Did America make the right choice?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer