'American Idol' Top 9 Perform: Let it Be ... Good
'American Idol' Top 9 Perform: Let it Be ... Good
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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My name is Abbey Simmons and I am a life-long Beatles addict. Truth be told, I was born that way. My parents, you see, named me after a Beatles' album and I mumbled along to Beatles' songs long before I uttered my first words. The older I got, the deeper my addiction to the Fab Four grew. I've purchased the band's catalog on cassette, CD, re-mastered CD and mono vinyl. I've read the biographies, I own the movies, the post-Beatles albums, the Rock Band and I know every word to every song. 

That's why I'm looking forward to tonight's episode of American Idol with the same sort of trepidation that most people would feel if a freshman poetry class was rewriting their cherished religious text. Or the way a film buff would feel about a Michael Bay remake of Gone with the Wind. Some things are so sacred they simply should not be messed with--and the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are definitely near the very top of that list.

That being said, American Idol has done good by The Beatles before. Season 7's back-to-back weeks of Beatles' performances are arguably two of the greatest Idol episodes of all time and bore some of Idol's most successful songs. Even season 9 has already had two beautiful Beatles moments: Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly had two of my favorite performances of the season singing Lennon/McCartney tunes.  So this Beatles addict is doing her very best to keep an open mind about tonight, but if someone butchers a tune, I can guarantee you, my reaction is not going to be pretty. "Don't Let Me Down" Top 9, please don't let me down.

So watch along with me tonight to see who's up to the challenge and who'll have a "Ticket to Ride" after tomorrow night's results show. And yes, The Beatles puns will most likely be coming hard and "(She's so) Heavy" tonight, so lets get started down this "Long and Winding Road." And for all our sakes, "Let it Be" good tonight. Or at the very least, not terrible.

Before we get started, let's review my song suggestions for the Top 9, shall we?

According to pre-show song spoilers from Joe's Place Blog someone did take my "Just for Laughs" song advice and someone is performing a John Lennon song that was released post-Beatles. Also Archie fans everywhere are screaming ... it's going to be a wild night on Idol, so let's get started.

Randy Jackson, donning the cardigan of the week predicts there will be "Big highs and big lows tonight." Ellen proves she has terrible taste in music and has no place being on the judges' panel by saying that "Michelle" is one of her favorite Beatles' songs. Beatles' I love you, but "Michelle" is so sappy and awful that it makes me long for deafness.

Up first tonight, Aaron Kelly and he's the one taking my "Just For Laughs" advice ... help us all.

Aaron Kelly - "The Long and Winding Road"

Charming Aaron Kelly Fact Courtesy of the Rest of the Top 9:
They call him "Yoda."

I'm sorry, I can't quite hear Aaron Kelly over the groans and screaming indignation of David Archuleta's fans. Idol's other wunderkid found great success with "The Long and Winding Road," but will Aaron? Probably not. It's another balladzzzz.  Aaron can sing, that's undeniable, but there is absolutely zero stage presence or star power emanating from this kid. Your voice has to be fantastic, like an opera star fantastic to just stand there, and that's all Aaron Kelly did. Considering he went first, it'll be easily forgotten by the end of the show and Aaron could be in serious trouble.

Simon Says: "It felt like a long and winding song," says the comedienne of the group ... apparently I'm not the only person making Beatles puns tonight. Simon calls Aaron "sweetie" before calling the performance "old-fashioned and boring." Could have predicted that one.

Safe, Shaky or Should be Packing: Sorry guys, but Should be Packing.

I'm scared to ask this, but, Season 7 comparison time:


Katie Stevens - "Let it Be"

Charming Katie Stevens Fact Courtesy of the Rest of the Top 9:  she's everyone's peppy kid sister.

Like her tween counterpart Katie is going up a serious Idol moment with "Let it Be," which Brooke White had her best moment with during season 7.

Sigh, even though she's dressed up like Amy Winehouse Barbie:

BarbieWinehouse2.jpgKatie Stevens reminds me of a pageant queen during the talent portion of the evening. She'd sing "Let it Be" right before she said her life goal was "world peace." Both the answer and Katie's version of "Let it Be" are about as equally interesting or believable. Again, like Aaron, Katie can sing ... and I think she might be a better singer than her tween counter part, but it was still just singing, no star power and a bit of a snore.

Simon Says: Ellen says there's no way Katie will be in the bottom three this week, because that was amazing ... and in my mind, probably just cursed Miss Stevens. Kara says Katie has never looked or sounded better. I have NO idea what the judges were just watching ... oh yeah, "The Year of the Ladies" circling the drain. Puff up a so-so performance and pray that it's not the 5th girl who goes home in a row.

Safe, Shaky or Should be Packing:

Season 7 comparison time:

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