'American Idol' Top 8 Recap: Please Fellas, Don't Fail Us (Page 1/2)
'American Idol' Top 8 Recap: Please Fellas, Don't Fail Us (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Help us Top 8 Guys, you're our only hope. Well, you and a handful of the remaining ladies, but seriously, it is time to step up your game and show us that season 9 isn't an over-hyped and under-performing waste of time.

Last night the ladies seemed to have a nasty flashback to some '70s lava lamp lit lounge, frequented only by insomniacs looking for help sleeping. Tonight guys, we are literally begging you to sing us something that doesn't sound like it's karaoke or 30 years old or meant to be a natural substitute to Ambien. Please oh please fellas, don't fail us.

Follow along with me live tonight as we discover if the guys are up to the challenge and if they finally follow my song choices.

Lee Dewyze, if you are reading this, well you should probably be getting ready to go on stage, but hopefully it is to sing "The Letter."  And dont' forget, after tonight's episode make your Fantasy TV picks, because two guys and two gals will be heading home tomorrow night.

Joe's Place Blog has some song spoilers for tonight, I sincerely hope they are wrong or that one of you have a straitacket, because they may drive me crazy. On the other hand, at least you'll all be here to witness my melt down.

Lee Dewyze
"Fireflies" by Owl City

I recommended this song for Andrew Garcia, but Lee has the same raspy tone that Andrew has, so it could work. Also, if Lee makes me like "Fireflies" or Owl City, he deserves some sort of Nobel Prize. And it looks like he should be heading to Oslo promptly, because my toes are tapping along to this rocking rendition of a loathesome auto-tone bubble gum pop tune. (Listening to Owl City and not being filled with the urge to maim in Postal Services' name? Amazing!)

Back to the performance at hand, another week and still some pitch problems, but Lee's vocals are sounding better than ever. If he improves like this from week-to-week, he'll be heading to the finale. Also, Lee, please please just one week, step away from the completely contemporary tunes and treat us something to a little retro. Something like "The Letter." Sorry, nervous tic.

Simon Says (best judges' comment): Kara says, "I think you made this a better song with your rendition." Simon says "there's nothing to rave about."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Safe (if Lee can make me like "Fireflies," he should be just fine.)

Alex Lambert
"Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne

I love this song for Alex, the simple structure shows off the interesting quirks and rich tone of his voice. He's changed up the tempo, with some dramatic pauses and does what he can to make a signature song his own. Still, as much as I like Alex, his stiff performances feel like the best performance at a great open mic night. There's no pizazz or star power and I'm afraid with the un-pimp spot, he could be in trouble. I love Alex, I love his voice, but his nerves could spell the end of him.

Simon Says: Ellen continues the uncomfortable banana metaphor, calling Alex "a mushy banana that's ripening so fast."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Shaky...I think if America has saved him so far, they'll save him again.

Tim Urban

"Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen

Dear God, no. Not only has this song been done to death on American Idol, Jason Castro, Maddie Stevens, anyone? Beyond Idol, I'd like to start a petition for "Hallelujah" to be banned from all future TV usage. (Sia's "Breathe Me" too.) Will you sign it?

That being said, Tim is not nearly as terrible as feared or as he was his first two weeks. His voice is getting stronger and he's feeling the song. (P.S . if you don't feel this song, you don't have a heart.) Hate to say it, but this acoustic heartthrob probably ain't going anywhere.

Simon Says: Ellen runs up on stage from the judges' table and gives Tim a hug, "that was fantastic." Simon says, "it wasn't the best version I've ever heard, but for you it was terrific."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Safe

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