'American Idol' Top 8 Predictions: Will the Judges' Save Be Used?
'American Idol' Top 8 Predictions: Will the Judges' Save Be Used?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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American Idol is due for a shocking results show this week. It's the fifth week since the Top 13 was revealed, and last season at this time was the elimination of Pia Toscano. Will we have another result that shocking? If so, unlike last year, the judges still have their Save and could very well use it tonight.

While I'm not predicting it, it's entirely possible someone like Elise Testone or even Phillip Phillips could find themselves out of luck, and it's entirely possible the judges would save either one of them. Here's how I see the Top 8 Singers.


Skylar Laine gave the performance of the night and certainly bounced back from being in the bottom. Colton Dixon and Jessica Sanchez gave strong performances as well and should be safe.


Joshua Ledet took us to church again, but is that enough? I feel like his song choice was a meta commentary on him as a contestant, because I feel like I don't know him by now as a person, and I never will. Phillip Phillips was just OK, but he went early and didn't get raves like he usually does. He probably built up enough support, but I thought the same thing of Skylar last week.


DeAndre Brackensick: He was good and the judges loved him, but he went first and it's a tough field.

Elise Testone: She gave a subpar performance, she went very early and, in the past, she's been in the bottom. This could definitely be her time to go.

Hollie Cavangh: It's time this former dark horse was sent to the glue factory. I originally thought she had promise, but for two weeks in a row she's given weak performances. I also have no idea what kind of artist she'd be, other than a lounge singer who does a show called "Celine Teen" where she covers Celine Dion songs.

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