American Idol: Top 8 Power Rankings
Now that we're down to the final eight on American Idol, things are becoming more clear.  There is a solid top 4 and bottom 3.  And then there's Sanjaya.  Sanjaya is unrankable, really, because he exists on an entirely different plain of reality than the other contestants.  He's in a whole other competition, governed by different rules and observed by a peculiar subset of viewers (inexplicably genuine Sanjaya lovers or sadistic VoteForTheWorst Sanjaya supporters).  Since these rankings are supposed to be based on the premise of “who is most likely to win” and not who I deem my favorite, I have placed Sanjaya far higher than he deserves.

Tonight's performance episode will be important in how the rest of the season shakes out.  It's an opportunity for one of the bottom three to break away from the other cellar dwellers and buy some more time on the show.  It's a chance for one or two of the top four to separate themselves from the pack, or with a mediocre performance propel them down to the back of the pack.

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