American Idol: Top 8 Performance Show Best User Comments
Well, that was quite a show tonight.  Latin night turned out to be quite a disappointment, but the big story was...(drum roll please)...Sanjaya Malakar.  Big surprise, right?  American Idol has its share of Sanjaya-bashers and Sanjaya-lovers, but tonight it was the lovers who came out of the woodwork and let their adulation flow.  Here are the best user comments of the night.
Kelly from Somehwere said: WOW some of the bashers will never shut up. Sanjaya was actually one of the best tonight. He does so much better when he isn't trying to act crazy. He proved can sing. The judges could of gave him better praise. But they liked it anyways. Chris R sucks ass and I will never understand why the judges like him and why Sanjaya gets all the hate when he is by far the worse.