American Idol: Top 8 Guys, Quick Thoughts
The Top 8 Guys perform tonight on American Idol.  It will be interesting to see who steps up, who falls back and who surprises us.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.

  • Seacrest tells us that one of the most important Idol announcements will be made on Thursday.  I don't believe you, Seacrest. 
  • Blake Lewis hits the stage first.  He sings a song I don't know.  It's actually a pretty cool Reggae song.  Blake is doing a great job on the song.  This is one of the most interesting, creative, enjoyable Idol performances I've ever seen.  Randy and Paula love it.  Simon doesn't go too far, but mildly praises him, says that he'll for sure be back next week.

  • Sanjaya Malakar is up next.  He's going to be singing a little John Mayer.  He's not as bad as the past few weeks, but this is a pretty easy song to sing and his voice is still really weak and soft.  The judges are pretty brutal to Sanjaya.  As they should be.                          
  • Sundance Head is up next.  I want a good performance out of him.  He's singing Pearl Jam and sporting a faux-hawk.  He sounds pretty good, but I'm not sure if the Idol audience is really yearning for a a rendition of “Jeremy”.  I love it cause I love the song.  Randy and Paula really like it.  Simon says he doesn't like the song.  Which is freaking insane.
  • Chris Richardson changes gears and sings a slow jam.  I'm not sure if this a great choice for him.  He's not the best singer in the world.  Randy gives him a ton of love.  Chris is all fine and good, but let's stop talking Chris up so much. 
  • Jared Cotter sings some Stevie Wonder and struggles from the beginning.  He can barely hit the lower notes in the chorus, which is a problem.  Not bad, but not great.  Just like his other stuff.  The judges are all lukewarm about it.
  • Brandon Rogers comes out singing a little Sly Stone, and he starts off pretty good.  This isn't a terribly difficult song to sing, but it is a great song.  So, it sounds really good, and Brandon performs it well.  Simon says that he is disappointed in Brandon with his performance in the show so far, that he should be singing far better.
  • Phil Stacey hits the stage singing a LeAnn Rimes song.  It's a disastrous beginning, which is a pattern for Phil.  Pretty mediocre for most of it, he picks it up at the end, but I think the judges are going to hate it.  Simon thought it was a strange performance by Phil , which it was.
  • Chris Sligh is the last dude to hit the stage tonight.  He sings a song about “wanting to be loved” and he pretty much rocks it out.  Chris continues to get better, continues to show  that he's one of the better singers out there.  The judges don;t like it and I think they;re freaking crazy.  Delusional.  But, whatever.  

That's all we've got for tonight.  Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis were, far and away, the best performers of the night and, based on what they showed, I'd send Sanjaya and Phil home.  We'll be back tomorrow with more comprehensive American Idol coverage.      

What do you all think?  Who, from the guys, should go home on Thursday?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer