'American Idol' Top 7 Redux Predictions: Who Will Go Home?
'American Idol' Top 7 Redux Predictions: Who Will Go Home?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There WILL be blood on tonight's American Idol results show. OK, maybe not blood, but definitely tears.

After using the Save last week on Jessica Sanchez, the judges are now utterly useless and it's all about viewers' votes. It seemed like the judges were aware of this last night and once again gave positive feedback to almost everyone. I counted just three audience boos, and one of them came when Randy Jackson dared to point out one or two pitch problems with Hollie Cavanagh's "Rolling in the Deep."

The judges also ended the night saying they want everyone to stay. And I'm pretty sure Randy Jackson pleaded with America to vote for at least half the singers. So who's safe and who's in trouble? Let's look at the two groups.


Joshua Ledet returned to his gospel church-singing, soul-belting roots, and he got the pimp spot, so he should be safe. Phillip Phillips is always loveable, but did especially well this week. Skylar Laine gets nearly all the country vote without any competition, so she'll be safe. And even though Colton Dixon got some criticism, that's only going to make those tween girls vote even harder.


Jessica Sanchez: Sorry, girl, but your days are numbered. After almost going home last week, you might think she'd change things up or put everything into it. Instead, this week felt like more of the same from Pia 2.0. She's just starting to get on my nerves, but I suspect all the hype surrounding her "shocking" result last week will help her.

Elise Testone: The show even admitted she has a permanent residence in the Bottom 3 because she doesn't have any fans. And her two performances were totally middle-of-the-road stuff. However, she has two very strong assets. First, she used her almost-dead puppy to score sympathy votes. The subtext was obvious: Vote for Elise or her dog will die! And at a time when dog sympathy is at an all-time high (thanks to Rush Limbaugh's recent comments about President Obama eating do g meat), it might just work.

The second thing going for Elise is that the judges saved almost all of their criticism for her. Jennifer Lopez seemed particularly critical, almost like she's trying to use The Secret to get Elise off the show. The problem is that America generally hates negative feedback and it will actually cause more voters to come out. Look at Hollie Cavanagh, who received bad reviews from the judges for the past two weeks yet remained out of the Bottom 3.

Hollie Cavanagh: As I just said, she's been safe for the past two weeks when she got bad reviews, so I suspect getting positive feedback will hurt her. She also went first, which doesn't help. But worst of all, she allowed her British side to come out as she got a special message from a bunch of soccer players in Liverpool (I refuse to call it football). If there's one thing America hates, it's soccer. We've rejected the world's most popular sport time and time again. And in order to be the AMERICAN Idol, Hollie is going to have to ditch her British half and pledge allegiance to apple pie, baseball and monster truck rallies.


My money is on Hollie Cavanagh. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like the judges have given better motivation to voters to save Jessica and Elise. The only reason Hollie was safe for the past two weeks was that she was the underdog. Now that the judges think she's back in it, she'll be gone.

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