'American Idol' Top 7 Predictions: Why Hollie or No One Will Go Home
'American Idol' Top 7 Predictions: Why Hollie or No One Will Go Home
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There is an 86 percent chance that no one will go home on tonight's American Idol results show. Otherwise, it will be Hollie Cavanagh's time to go.

This is due entirely to the fact that the Judges' Save has yet to be used, and time is running out. The rules say it must be used before the Top 5, which means that this week or next week are the only possible times for Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson to unanimously save someone.

And this season, the competition is quite fierce. The judges heap praise on almost every contestant every time, which makes picking one over the other very hard. Unless you're Jimmy Iovine, in which case you're already masterminding a Colton Dixon vs. Phillip Phillips finale.

As I see it, the judges would save anyone other than Hollie Cavangh this week (and she will definitely be in the bottom, at the very least). So instead of my usual predictions, let's look at how or why each person might end up in the bottom three.

Skylar Laine: She was the first person to perform, which is never a good sign. Five out of the seven performance shows this season, the first performer has been in the bottom.

Elise Testone: Sure, she got to go last for the second time in three weeks (which is a huge boost), but she's also been in the bottom more than anyone left. America doesn't seem to love her as much as the judges, and the producers can't keep giving her the last performance spot every week.

Jessica Sanchez: It happened to Pia Toscano, so why not Jessica? The one problem this week was that the judges weren't their typical, flattering selves. Instead, they were pushing her to do even better (which is actually good advice), and that might not help her cause for votes this week.

Phillip Phillips: His performance wasn't really that much different than anything else he's done. If there's one contestant who has stalled, it's Phillip.

Joshua Ledet: Sure, he can perform like no one else, but I still feel totally unconnected to him as a person. Plus, Jimmy has made it clear that there are only two guys we should care about this season.

Colton Dixon: He performed in the worst possible spot. Since the Top 13 began, the person who performs second has been eliminated twice and in the bottom three two other times.

Still, I have to go with history. Jessica, Phillip and Colton have never been in the bottom, and I doubt they will be this time. And Joshua gave another killer performance. So my predictions are mostly a process of elimination and less a comment on who is in trouble.

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