American Idol: Top 6 Results Show Live Thoughts
So, this is it.  The big one.  A double elimination.  Are you excited?  If you're a fan of American Idol, then you should be.  Although my feeling is that three of the remaining six Idols are completely safe from elimination (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, and Blake Lewis), there could always be a big-time shocker.  But I doubt it.  Therefore, then you have to believe that the two people to go home will be from the pool of Phil Stacey, Lakisha Jones, and Chris Richardson.  So, here's my fearless prediction: Chris Richardson and Lakisha Jones will be shown the door.  Who do you think will be eliminated?

I'll be updating with my live thoughts in real-time throughout the show, so stay tuned if you want to know what's going down.

Ha. Seacrest says, sarcastically, that there will be no filler in the next hour.  But, really, who doesn't love banal filler?

R&B singer Robin Thicke will be appearing on the show tonight.  If you didn't know, Robin is the son of Alan Thicke, better known as Mr. Seaver on Growing Pains.  Good genes.

Simon give Blake big ups on his performance last night.  I would agree. 

We get a look at last night's performances.  It is stretched out far longer than need be.  They have 42 minutes to fill, everyone, and about 90 seconds of real content. 

Jordin really was pretty bad last night.  It wasn't good to see.  Blake's performance was damn good.  Seeing anything original and creative on this show is rare, and Blake is the only one left who is willing to go out on a limb. 

Hey, it's Seacrest at the Farmer's Market asking normal people what they thought of last night.  One of the people we meet is an idiot teenage girl who says "like" about 48 times in thirty seconds.

Seacrest talks to Blake, asks him how he comes up with his arrangements.  He's got some program on his computer, a keyboard and voila!...we get beat-boxing Blake.

Phil wasn't allowed to listen to pop music as a kid.  Why?  In his words, his father "was a pastor...of a church."  Rather than, say, a pastor of a taco stand.

Ruben Studdard makes a taped appearance to shill for Idol Gives Back.  It's not over, people.  There's is still money to give!

After commercial, we take another look at Idol Gives Back and all the famous people who were involved.  Yes, there were a lot of celebrities.  And Sanjaya.

This is a whole lot of filler.  Those ridiculous white outfits still kill me.  So does Madonna's faux-accent. 

Did they really not tell the contestants that no one would be eliminated?  I don't buy it.

God, this is going on forever.

What?  There was a John Cleese bit that apparently got cut from Idol Gives Back.  I feel robbed.

Robin Thicke is performing.  It's a lot of falsetto.  Not bad.  On a tangent, one of my professors in college once was a writer on Alan Thicke's short-lived late night talk show "Thicke of the Night."  No, you haven't stepped into an alternate dimension.  Alan Thicke, Mr. Seaver, did have a late night talk show and, yes, it was indeed called "Thicke of the Night."  We've come a long ways as a society since then.

Anyway, Robin is done, and Seacrest says that after we come back from commercial one of our contestants will be eliminated and will perform for the last time.  Good, they should stagger these eliminations. 

Another one of these silly Ford commercials where they ruin a classic song.  This week's entry: it's set at a macabre magic show, with The Stones' "Paint it Black" in the background.  Weak sauce.

Results time.

He has Melinda, Phil and Lakisha come to the center stage.  Hmm, I'm guessing Lakisha is gone.

Melinda is safe.  That was easy.

Phil or Lakisha?  

Lakisha is safe.


We get the requisite montage set to a sad song.  Phil is a good guy, and he didn't deserve to go home after last night, but he wasn't going to win it all anyway, so not a big deal.  He performs "Blaze of Glory".  How apt.  

Phil heads into the audience while he performs, reaching his wife and some fellow Navy dudes.  Everyone seems to really like Phil, and I'm impressed by how well he sang just now.  Another commercial.

More results.  Jordin, Blake and Chris stand up.  After messing with her last week, Ryan immediately tells Jordin to sit down, that she's safe. 

After this next commercial, it'll either be Chris or Blake.  It has to be Chris, right?

Bon Jovi performs.  This song is pretty mediocre.  It's a lo-fi ballad that, I don't know, is boring and un-melodic. 

One more commercial until the final results.

Blake and Chris admit to being best friends, and sparks a chorus of "Awwws," from the audience.

Moment of truth:  Who will it be?


Well, that was more or less expected.  I thought Lakisha would be going home with one of these two guys, but this makes just as much sense.  Neither Chris or Phil was going to win.

What did you all think?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer