American Idol: Top 6 Results (or lack there of) Show, Best User Comments
American Idol put on a show tonight that should help countless lives across the globe.  They raised tens of millions of dollars to help quell poverty both here in our own country and abroad.  So, why is everyone so upset?

Well, when you're the biggest show in the world and you promise an elimination, people get angry when there is no elimination.  You, the readers, have sounded off on tonight's twist.  What follows are the best user comments of the night.

Whatever from SLC UTAH said: I wouldn't get yourself so upset about the results. I think there is a lot worse to worry about in life than Fox's little misleading comments regarding the results show. I think the show was a hit and success and hope they do something similar next year. It has made the whole event much more meaningful.

PhilPhan from TN said: I think it was a good idea on Fox's part. It would have kind of ruined the mood to eliminate someone tonight.
Roger from LA, Calif. said: This little "twist" shows Fox's ultimate contempt for the intelligence level of Idol viewers and how easy they can be manipulated. That was a cheap tactic out of the P.T. Barnum carnival midway to tease suckers and local yokels out of their time and money. "Right this way, folks. You won't believe your eyes. This way to the EGRESS!"

KezTV from Dallas, TX said: I think it was a pretty evil thing to do to Jordan. She obviously wasn't in on the joke. And did they do the eliminations in order of votes received? Did Jordan really got the least number of votes? Do we need to get the vote out for Jordan to make sure she's not eliminated next week? Or was she chosen arbitrarily to get a rise out of the viewers? Regardless, it was a truly evil thing to do.

Steve from Arizona said: I think a public apology is in order next week for the way they handled the last two contestants. They are under enough pressure and then to make it look like the best performer lost! Come on. This is not fair. They all sang their hearts out last week and to put undo pressure on them, this is crap. Their intent to raise money is great but don't be using these great performers as pawns. Total B.S.

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