American Idol: Top 6 Power Rankings, Revisited
Despite the fact that no one was eliminated on American Idol last week, we still have some movement in the power rankings.  This is due in part to the performances last Tuesday, but also due to a general shift in power at the top of the heap.  We have a new number one in the rankings this week, and it's something I never thought would happen.  American Idol is embarking on an interesting week, with two contestants set to go home on Wednesday.  Who will it be?

I've got some ideas.  Now, granted, I've tried to predict the eliminated contestant every week and every week I've been wrong.  However, I'd argue that my reasoning in all cases has been sound and some of the departures have been surprising.  Since last week's votes will be added to this weeks', I'm not sure if the person who was supposed to be eliminated will be able to save themselves.  You see, the emphasis by Idol last week was on getting as many votes as possible, since those votes translated into charitable donations.  I'm expecting far fewer votes to be cast tonight.

This means that, barring a horrendous performance from someone, that the bottom two from last week will likely be the bottom two again and will thus be eliminated.  Fair?  Probably not, but I think the top three singers in the competition have clearly distanced themselves from the bottom three.  But, I've been wrong before.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer