American Idol: Top 6 Performance Show (Part 2) Live Thoughts
So, for the second week in a row, we get to see the top 6 perform on American Idol.  I think the top three of Melinda, Jordin, and Blake are safe, regardless of what happens this week.  That means, there is one spot ofr moving on between Phil, Chris, and Lakisha.  I think Chris and Phil are battling it out for that one spot, and that Lakisha has already sealed her fate.  However, I've been wrong in my predictions every week, so you never know.  What follows are my live, unfiltered thoughts whil watching tonight's show.

And here we go.  The top 6 are performing...again.  And, it is Bon Jovi night.  I'm not sure what this is going to entail, but you can expect me to be disappointed.

Seacrest starts the show by saying the contestants will be "taking on Bon Jovi."  Wait a second.  Not everyone is going to sing a Bon Jovi song, are they?  Because, besides "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or Alive" there aren't a whole lot of classics from Mr. Bon Jovi.  This could be another misguided theme night.   

Paula is a wearing a coffee filter for a collar.

We get a video look at the history of Bon Jovi.

The contestants meet Jon.  He tells them to make the songs they sing their own.

Phil Stacey is up first and he'll be singing "Blaze of Glory" a song that Jon wrote for the great film Young Guns.  Phil seems a bit awed by the Bon Jovi.  Phil starts the song from the audience, works his way down the stairs and to the ledge behind the judges.

He's kind of kicking this song's ass.  Definitely Phil's best, most confident performance to date.  I think, for Phil to advance, he only needs to do better than Chris, and I don't see any way that Chris tops that.

Randy agrees, calls it his best performance of the season.  Paula calls it the best opening of the season.  Simon says it was okay, gets booed, and yells at the audience.  He says that Phil will probably go home this week.

Gina Glocksen is in the crowd.  She looks the same.

Jordin is up next, and she'll be singing "Livin' on a Prayer."  Jordin's mom grew up to Bon Jovi, so she was nervous.  This is an all-time great song, just so we're clear.

Jordin isn't very powerful on the low stuff in the beginning of the song, but it's still not too bad.  Hmm, this isn't her best performance.  I'm not sure if I buy her as a rock singer.  She seems like she's pretending, which, I guess, she is.

The transition into the key change is rocky, but she hits her stride at the end, when she can really belt it out.  That was sub-par for her standards.  We'll see what the judges think.

Randy calls the verses rough, and Jordin agrees.  Paula rambles.  Simon doesn't like her hair, and he thought the singing was "out of control, on the verge of shrieking".  He finishes by calling it terrible.

Simon makes a good point, that the girls are at a huge disadvantage, having to sing a dude's rock song.  Really, it's not fair.

 Lakisha is next, and she admits that she's never heard any Bon Jovi songs before this week.  She's singing this kind of soul-twinged Bon Jovi song that I'm not familiar with.

This is the kind of song that Jordin should've sang.  It's a slow ballad, and Lakisha is doing pretty well, nothing special.  Actually, she picks it up at the end, doing what she can with an uninspiring song.  She doesn't yell as much as we're used to from her, harnessing, showing some subtlety.  Will it be enough to keep her around until next week?

Randy thought it was rough at the beginning, but "blew that out the bus" by the end.  Simon says the "I actually could kiss you after that."  So, Lakisha goes down to the judges booth and kisses Simon on the lips.  Well, then.  He loved it, is the point.   

Blake is singing "You Give Love a Bad Name," and apparently, it's an adventurous rendition.  He says he might be taking a risk on the song.  Will we get some beat boxing?

Blak has dyed his hair black.

He starts the song out with some sound effects, making it sound like he's starting a record.  Pretty cool, I thought.

So, he's messing with the verses, but keeps the chorus the same.  After the first chorus, he breaks down, starts beat-boxing, warring with the onstage drummer.

That was really cool, I thought.  Randy calls it the most original versoin of any song ever on American Idol.  I'd probably agree. Paula thought it was amazing.  Simon thought it was the right thing for Blake to do, and says that it will keep him in the competition into next week.  

It's good to see something different, you know?

Chris Richardson will be singing next, and will be singing "Wanted: Dead or Alive."  Chris Daughtry sang it last year and, sorry Richardson, you are no Daughtry.  This could be ugly.

He starts off as well as you could expect, cutting back on the nasally stuff, reaching back and getting more power than we've ever seen from Chris. On the verse, he has some weird rhythm problems, singing off the beat, but he's singing it fine.  He even gets some raspiness in his voice.  Good job, Chris.  Now, I have no idea who is going home tomorrow.

Randy liked it.  Simon thinks he was as good as Chris could have possibly done.  He's right; it's not his music.

Melinda Doolittle is up to end the show.  She's singing "Have a Nice Day."  Melinda admits that she is not a rock singer.  This will be ineresting.

Melinda comes out firing, and proves she can indeed sing rock.  This is a mediocre song, but she does all she can with it.  Damn, Melinda can sing.  She hasn't had a bad performance all season.  Great again.

Randy liked it.  Simon agrees with Randy, that it was reminiscent of Tina Turner.

All right, that's the show.  That was an overall good show, everyone doing pretty well.  What did you all think?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer