American Idol: Top 50 Spoilers - Week 1
American Idol does their best to keep the names of the top 50 and top 24 finalists a secret until the Hollywood episodes come to air, but it's near impossible.  With so many bitter and eliminated contestants having internet connections, there's bound to be loose lips.  A couple weeks back, the list of the top 50 finalists leaked to various blogs.  However, until the first two audition episodes aired last week, those names meant nothing.  But, seeing as we have come to know some of the singers from Dallas and Philadelphia who made it to Hollywood, some of those top 50 names ring a bell.  Below you will find those Dallas and Philly singers who are rumored to have made the American Idol top 50.

As always, beware of these spoilers.  They may not end up being true, or may only be partially true.  If one of your favorites from the first two audition episodes is nowhere to be found, don't give up hope yet.  The internets tend to be wrong now and then. 

Top 50 Finalists:

Drew Poppelreiter: This was the down-home farmer dude who the judges likened to George Strait.  I thought his audition was only mediocre and that he shouldn't have gotten a ticket to Hollywood.  Maybe he improved, or maybe the initial audition didn't show off the man's strengths. 

Brooke White:  She's the girl who has never seen an R rated movie.  This weirdness aside, she did show off a great voice in the auditions.

Brandon Green: The guy with the fingernail collection.  He was one of the best three or four guys we've seen thus far. 

Kristy Lee Cook:  The farm girl from Oregon.  She was quite good and my father's favorite singer so far.  Not that this should matter to you (or me, really). 

Alaina Whitaker: The girl with the really good voice who was also quite full of herself.  Hot, too. 

Colton Swon: The rocker dude was bland in the auditions, but he has the look and a good voice.  He's probably destined for the top 24.

Nowhere to be seen are two of my favorites: Angela Martin and Kady Malloy.  Hopefully, the spy who leaked the list got some of the names wrong.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: JoesPlace
(Image Courtesy of FOX)