American Idol Top 4, the users sound off
Well, the results have come in and our users have let their thoughts be known.  Lakisha Jones has been sent home, and some of you American Idol fans are upset.  However, the majority of you seemed to be pleased with the result.  Blake Lewis certainly has his share of fans out there, and your voices have been heard.  Here are some of our user comments from the night.

Andrew from Fort Collins, CO said: Jordin is amazing and I think she is a show in to win the whole comp. I have to wonder if simon will apolgize tonight to Jordin and tell her that her last song was actually amazing like eevryone at home though it was. I hope Melinda goes home. We are over her and Jordin will be a success!

Keith from Redwood City, CA said: I hope that Melinda wins! She has the most trained voice of the bunch. Jordin is a close second...but I sometimes feel that she forces her vibrato way too much. Go Melinda! Can't wait for the album!

chi from China said: Yey for Blake! It could indeed be Melinda and Jordin at the last hurdle, but I really don't care much for who wins it. I just like to see Blake perform some more. If he does get to the final two, then even better.
Juju from MA said: I think Melinda and Jordin are better singers than Blake, but after the show ends I'm only interested in downloading Blake's songs. I hope he stays longer because it's just nice to watch him perform. Honestly, it doesn't really matter who wins now. The 3 of them are great and we're going to hear a lot more about them - Chris Daughtry, anyone?

Break Louis said: A good job, Blake. Looking forward to seeing the next week show with homecoming. He has made an american dream comes true - a small guy from a small town has become bigger than any other guys in the nation. Almost sure that it would be his last next week, but he has already done enough to be an "idol" and had his future in hands! Great job done.