American Idol: Top 3 Power Rankings
Surprisingly, these have been the most difficult American Idol rankings of the season to comprise.  The competition is so fluid at this point; depending upon tonight's performances, any of the remaining three singers could be eliminated.  Fans are mostly cemented into the corner of one singer at this juncture and will stay there no matter what happens.  That makes ranking the contestants near impossible.  Without access to previous voting totals, how is one supposed to separate these singers, all popular and distinct from each other?

Well, let's just see what happens.  These rankings do not reflect personal opinions, they are meant to be an objective look at who appears to have the best chance of becoming the next American Idol.  Feel free to comment below and tell us who you believe will come out on top and who will be eliminated tomorrow.

#1: Jordin Sparks

The once impenetrable sheen that Jordin was in possession of a few weeks ago has worn off.  She is no longer infallible, yet she still has to be the favorite.  Jordin is dynamic, has a big voice, a friendly face, a bubbly personality, and has the potential to dominate the world every time she takes the stage.  Declaring her the easy winner of American Idol is beyond speculative, however, with these next two weeks as important as all previous weeks combined. If Jordin doesn't win, it will likely be a result of her faltering, like she did with “Livin' on a Prayer”.  She's still young, and if you couple that inexperience with the escalating pressure, you never know what might happen.

#2: Blake Lewis

Melinda may be ahead of Blake on most pundits' lists, but we must be realistic here.  There is some serious vote-splitting potential here between Jordin and Melinda.  Both are relatively similar female singers, while Blake is on an entirely different wavelength.  Whether that wavelength is better or not isn't important, just that it is, in fact, different.  Anyone who has watched Blake this season knows he'll be swinging for the fences tonight.  If he scores a winner while differentiating himself from the two ladies, he has to be a near certainty for the final two.  He'll be performing The Police's “Roxanne” tonight, and that should be right up his alley.

#3: Melinda Doolittle

Melinda is the best pure singer of these last three.  By far, actually.  Her voice is the most conditioned, mature, precise, in-tune, professional, and she has yet to give a sub-par performance.  That being said, this consistency is going to end up killing her.  For viewers, consistency can equate to boredom, and Melinda is teetering on that line.  Simon said it last week: Melinda really needs to let it fly if she wants to win this thing.  In the end, however, it won't matter.  Melinda will have a career in the music industry.  She is an incredible singer.  Will she be a pop star?  I don't think so.  And that's the problem.  You can't envision Melinda on TRL or in a music video.  It's not fair, but we can't all go expecting the truth to be fair all of a sudden.  In a shocker, Melinda will be eliminated on Wednesday.  You heard it here first.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 

(Image Courtesy of FOX)