American Idol: Top 3 Live Results
Here we are everyone, on the cusp of the biggest American Idol elimination of the season.  And, not only is it the biggest, it has to be the most up-in-the-air.  Some say Melinda Doolittle is gone, some say Blake Lewis, and some even say Jordin Sparks.  From what I've read by everyone's comments in the past week is that there is no concensus regarding these final three.  Each group of fans are as passionate as the others, each trumpeting their favorite singer as the best.  When technical abilities are similar in music, it becomes almost totally subjective.  Whoever America likes the best will make it to the finals. 

I'll be updating throughout the live show tonight, so feel free to check back often.  Also, let us know your thoughts and reactions below. 

Instead of Seacrest, Homer Simpson introduces the show, which is a nice change of pace.

Blake has a hideous shirt on.  Melinda looks remarkably tiny sitting next to Jordin.

Performing on the show tonight: Elliott Yamin and Maroon 5. 

We get the long recap of last night's performances. Last night was quite a good show, actually. 

Paula is just a fountain of wisdom. 

It's commercial time.  There are going to be a lot of these tonight.  Here's the breakdown:  20 or so minutes of commercials.  38.5 minutes of filler.  90 seconds of content people care about.

We get a promo for the upcoming Idol tour.  They show Sanjaya singing "You Really Got Me".  I know they don't have a lot to choose from, but THAT'S the song they choose for Sanjaya?  That had to be one of the 10 worst performances ever by a top ten finalist. 

Seacrest sits down with the three finalists. 

We get a segment on Jordin's trip home last Firdays.  Her high school has a big deal for her.  There are cheerleaders and whatnot.  It looks pretty overwhelming. 

Jordin does not look like a high-schooler.

The mall is packed for Jordin.  I guess if you're in smaller town, you've got to support your own.  Who is the last famous person to come out of Glendale, Arizona?

Wow, we have some results already. 

Psyche!   Seacrest tells her she'll find out the results later in the show. 

It's a Haley Scarnato sighting!  And there's Brandon Rogers!  They were available.

Time for Blake's segment from his hometown of Bothell.  I actually had the distinct pleasure of seeing his Seattle concert on Friday.  We taped it for the site.  You can check out some audio and video of the concert here.

Isn't Seattle the most glorious city you've ever seen?

Blake's dad chokes up.  He seems like a real good dude.

Hey, and Blake's dad is up on stage.  Ryan tells him to sit down.  Really.  He told him to sit down.  And he did.

Some results now.  Maybe.  Nope.  Why even pretend that your going to have results in this part of the hour?

Elliott Yamin takes the stage.  He's got his new curly-fro going.  Also, the new teeth.  He's still a good singer.  The song isn't great, though.

After the song, the judges get to say their piece.  Paula is sobbing, mascara-running mess.

Another commercial.

I'm not going to comment on these insipid Ford commercials anymore.  That is how much I loathe them  Just know that there was one.

We see Melinda's homecoming to Nashville.  People love her, including a girl who says that Melinda has "gotten her through a lot of hard times."  Whatever works for you, I guess.

Melinda got a street named after her.   That night she goes to church.  It's one of those big ol' super-churches.

One more commercial, and then Maroon 5 will perform.  After that, the results.

We get a promo for the American Idol band competition.  That show will be interesting.  I don't know if it's going to work.

Maroon 5 hits the stage.  They'll be performing a song from their new album.

Hmm, I thought their first album was pretty good, but this song isn't doing it for me.  It sounds like their older stuff, just not as good.

Eh, the song grew on me by the end.  Worth another listen.  Album comes out next week.

Oh, damn.  Another commercial, then the results.

And here we go, time for the results.

Jordin is safe.


Wow, I called it.  Anyway, there were some boos from the crowd when the result was announced.  Blake even looked a bit embarrassed.

So, what do you all think?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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