American Idol: Top 20 Results Show Recap
American Idol had a bad night.  There's not much more you can say.  It's not American Idol's fault; the blame deserves to be placed squarely on the shoulders of the American voters.  Leaving the elimination decisions up to the couch jockeys of America lends itself to the occasional unfair decision, but what happened last night was almost beyond comprehension.  Only one of the four contestants eliminated was deserving.  The other three were the victims of some terribly sick joke.

It's not that big of a deal; out of the three who were dubiously kicked to the curb last night, none of them were going to win American  Idol.  The angering thing is that there were two clear cut singers who completely deserved to be eliminated, and weren't.  First, let's look and who was sent home last night.

Alaina Alexander:

Alaina was an okay singer, but was way out of her depth in the competition.  She deserved to go, and everyone knew it was going to happen. 

Leslie Hunt:

As different from the other female singers as you were going to get this year.  She had a weird counter-culture vibe that, ultimately, seemed to work against her.  She did have a big voice that she controlled well, displaying it in a very good last performance.  Deserved to stay on the show for at least another week or two. 

Nick Pedro:

I can't argue with this too much, because I understand where America's coming from.  Nick is old-school, a lounge act crooner at heart, and today's youth isn't really down with Dean Martin.  That being said, he killed his last performance and I thought that it'd be more than enough to get him through to next week.

AJ Tabaldo:

The most egregious elimination of the night and a real feather in the cap of all those who hate American Idol.  AJ gave one of the best performances on Tuesday night, and seemed a sure thing to advance. 

However, instead of AJ sticking around, we'll have to hear these two Idol hopefuls who somehow got enough votes to remain on the show:

Sanjaya Malakar:

Sanjaya gave two of the worst performances that American Idol has ever seen.  His Tuesday performance was beyond horrendous and it is an indictment of the American Idol system that he's still around. 

Antonella Barba: 

Antonella has gotten far more attention for her looks that her singing, and for good reason: she's not a very good singer.  Leslie deserves another chance over Antonella, but this isn't that big of an oversight, certainly not as monumental as Sanjaya.  Antonella isn't that bad, and Leslie wasn't that great.  

Time for redemption, America.  If Sanjaya isn't voted off of American Idol next week, there needs to be some sort of voting intervention for the people of America.  Things have already gotten out-of-hand.  Anyway, we'll be back next week for full coverage of each new episode of American Idol

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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