American Idol: Top 2 Performance Grades
It wasn't all that exciting, was it?  Sure, both Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks performed admirably, but was there any sort of urgency on either of their parts?  They both looked resigned to their fates: Blake to the second place finish he probably wants anyway, and Jordin to being the next Idol champion.  Realistically, last night's performances weren't going to have a real effect on the voting.  That die had been cast long ago.  Jordin's people love Jordin and Blake's people love Blake.  Allegiances were not going to be swapped.

So, then, what were the ramifications of last night?  We heard the songwriting contest winner's tune, and it was pretty bland.  The song, however, is a perfect one for Jordin (weird) and so far from Blake's preferred genre that it's not even funny.  Hopefully, we'll never have to hear Blake sing that song again.  Since you can't really judge the two based on that song, we'll just be looking at the first two tunes when giving out the grades.

Blake Lewis: B+

Blake sang Bon Jovi's “You Give Love a Bad Name,” from earlier in the season and also gave us Maroon 5's “She Will Be Loved”.  This was the second Maroon 5 song he's performed and both have been quite good.  He laid down “She Will Be Loved” with no frills, just letting his voice do the work.  His voice is nothing compared to Jordin's, but it's nothing to scoff at either.  Although he performed the song well, the degree of difficulty wasn't all that high.  The Bon Jovi tune was, just like the first time, really good.  It was a fearless and risky arrangement that he pulled off.

Jordin Sparks: A-   

If not for a couple of shriek-y moments, Jordin would have received an A.  She sang Martina McBride's “A Broken Wing” for the second time this season.  It was way better than the first time she sang it.  A dominant vocal performance.  Jordin also sang Christina Aguilera's “Fighter” which was a good choice for her.  It was more contemporary and upbeat than we are used to seeing from Jordin. 

Last night changed nothing: Jordin Sparks will walk away the winner of American Idol tonight.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer