'American Idol' Top 12 Recap: Mixed Emotions
'American Idol' Top 12 Recap: Mixed Emotions
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
"Mixed Emotions" isn't just the name of a Rolling Stones' song that I hope someone will be performing tonight. It also perfectly describes how I feel going in to tonight's Top 12 performance show. On the one hand, the Top 12 is covering one of my very favorite  bands. On the other, it's the wrong Top 12 covering them. 

That's right, I'm still bitter about last Thursday's massacre of all things interesting on Idol. Tonight, when Paige Miles and Tim Urban take the stage, it'll be impossible not to long for what might have been had Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert stuck around to sing the Stones. Tonight we'll "all need somebody we can lean on, so if you want, you can lean on me. " So lean on me and follow along with my live thoughts, as we see who rocks the Rolling Stones and who gets rocked by the theme.

Who do you think will excel this week and who do you think will struggle? And do you think the Top 12 will FINALLY take my advice with song choices and everything else?

We've got the brand new Idol stage and it looks like 24's CTU or that it dreams of Big Brother. Strobes every where, a staircase that hides behind a gigantic neon sign, but so far nothing's falling down yet. Hooray! One way that season 9 has season 8 beat!

Before the Top 12 perform we'll learn a little something about their home life, but I'll be sticking to the tunes tonight. So let's get to some rocking and rolling from The Rolling Stones, shall we?

Michael Lynche
"Miss You"

It's another stand alone r&b performance for Big Mike and each week he takes the stage he sounds more confident in his voice. Big Mike does his best Mick Jagger impersonation strutting all over the stage, complete with a goofy little dance, it is way over the top, but I have a huge smile on my face, so he's doing something right. Is it cheesy? Sure, but in a season of contestants content to sit on the edge of the stage like a lounge singer, thank God we have someone like Big Mike who is there to perform. Sure, it doesn't have the emotional gravitas of last week's "Woman's Work" but it's my favorite Big Mike performance to date.

Simon Says (best judges comment): Ellen says "at some point I'm going to be dissapointed, but not yet." Simon thought the performance at times, especially Bike Mike's dancing was kind of corny and desperate. 

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing: so so Safe

Didi Benami
"Play With Fire"

Didi's going pure dark seductress tonight from her vocal styling to her black lace bustier and skinny jeans. Didi starts out strong, with the best vocal we've heard from her all season, but on the second verse she seems to trip up with the words that gets her cadence and confidence off. She struggles through the rest of the song, including the all important last note. And she knows it. Still, her vocals were so good it shouldn't matter and happily she seems to be taking Lilly Scott's jazzy phrasing and vocals up.

Simon Says: "Very cool choice of song. I thought you were going to loose it 30 seconds in, twice. Solid, not brilliant performance."

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing: Safe

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