American Idol: Top 12 Power Rankings
We're down to the top 12 singers on American Idol, and I thought it was about time for another edition of the American Idol Power Rankings.  These rankings have gotten a little bit easier since last week, but are still difficult to put together.  What I focused on this week was having an extremely clear criteria for the rankings. 

The singers are listed in order of who has the best chance to win.

It's not based on personal preference, and it's not based on pure singing ability.  I've inferred who I think has the best chance of receiving America's votes and winning the whole thing.  Since this is the criteria, there are some Idol hopefuls who deserve to be higher on the list, but, for some reason or another, don't have as good a chance at ultimate victory as others. 

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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