American Idol: Top 12 Girls, Quick Thoughts

The top 12 ladies perform tonight on American Idol.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.

  • All right, c’mon ladies, show me something.  I know you’ll be better than the guys were last night, the question is by how much.

  • We get a recap of each and every male performance from last night.  Again, not the best night for the dudes.  Simon ripped into a lot of the guys pretty hard which, hopefully, will light a fire under them.

  • Tomorrow, two guys and two girls will be leaving us.  On the guy’s side, I’m predicting Sanjaya and Paul Kim will be heading home.  I’ll probably be wrong.

  • Ryan is grilling Simon about his demeanor last night and, in the process, being quite annoying himself.

  • Stephanie Edwards gets the honor of performing first.  She tried out in Memphis.  I don’t remember too much from the auditions.  She’s singing this smooth, sort of soul song.  Her voice isn’t too strong, but she’s a natural performer and her voice is nice.  Better than any of the guy’s performances last night.  The judges give her universal praise, especially Simon.

  • More roundtable time with Ryan Seacrest.  Amy Krebs is up next.  From Seattle (like me), so I have to root for her.  We didn’t get to see any of her in the auditions or Hollywood week.  She’s singing a slow jam.  She’s steady on the soft stuff.  A little out of tune in places.  I like her.  The judges are pretty harsh though, especially Simon.

  • Leslie Hunt is the next singer and another girl who we haven’t seen at all.  She’s singing “A Natural Woman” and it’s just not very good.  Well, she actually gets better as the song goes along.  Leslie has a weird sort of energetic personality.  Randy agrees that the song was too big for her.

  • Sabrina Sloan hits the stage next and I don’t remember her much.  She comes out firing during her song.  Man, she is really good.  Why didn’t they show more of her during Hollywood week?  Powerful voice, in control…oh, wait, that last note was kind of bad.  But good performance overall.  Simon gives her a ton of love, as do the other judges.

  • Antonella Barba is up next.  She’s the Jersey Girl and she is extremely attractive.  Too bad she’s not that good of a singer.  Really, she’s all over the place, singing Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.  Randy didn’t like it at all.  Simon is fairly brutal, but everyone can agree on one thing: she is really hot.

  • Interlude: Paula has become this weird sort of ego enhancer for the performers.  She will find a silver lining, whether it exists or not.  That’s really the only thing she brings to the table.

  • Jordin Sparks, the 17 year old daughter of a former NFL cornerback, performs some Tracy Chapman.  She’s got a very mature voice for a teenager.  I’ve always liked this song and she’s kind of killing it.  Nice work.

  • Nicole Tranquillo, who looks like Kristen Wiig from SNL, is up next.  We didn’t see her in the auditions. She’s got a unique voice and, although she makes some bizarre phrasing decisions, I’m kind of digging the performance.  She’s got some incredible range.  Simon calls it “indulgent” and “fake”.  They all agree she can sing, however.

  • Haley Scarnato, who sings in a band, is better looking than I remember.  I think she’s singing a Celine Dion song.  As much as I despise that Canadian “songstress”, I think Haley does pretty well with the song.  It requires a big voice, and she’s not totally there, but it’s close.  Simon says she was “like a 40-year old”.

  • Melinda Doolittle, the career backup singer, sings next and she is one of my favorites.  She has an incredible voice.  And she dominates the song.  She’s got to be an early favorite to get to the finals.  Simon gives her a ridiculous amount of love.

  • Alaina Alexander sings The Pretenders song that Scarlett Johannsen sang in “Lost in Translation”.  Not very well, however.  Alaina really picked the wrong song and her voice isn’t up to par with a lot of the other girls.

  • Gina Glocksen hits the stage next and sings “All By Myself”.  It’s kind of boring.  The crowd seems to like it and so does Randy.  She misses the high note at the end and Simon is the only one who will call her out on it.

  • Laksiha Jones, the big girl with a big voice, decides to sing the great Jennifer Hudson song, "I'm Telling You", from Dreamgirls.  A ballsy choice, but she acquits herself quite well.  Better than that, actually.  It was fairly awesome.  Simon says she was in a league of her own.
Tonight was about a million times better than guy's showing last night.  The guy's better step it up, or this season will go down as the American Idol where all the guys sucked.  What did you all think?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer