'American Idol' Top 10 Results: Who Sang The Blues?
'American Idol' Top 10 Results: Who Sang The Blues?
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
What a difference a single show can make! Before last night I was wishing the season would just hurry up and finish. Tonight, I'm wishing we could fast forward to next Tuesday. That way, we could see if last night's enjoyable performance episode was a fluke, or if season 9 is just getting started. Call me an Idol-optimist, but I think it's the latter.

Of course, before we get to next Tuesday we have to eliminate (or save) someone tonight. We have some ideas of who'll be heading home tonight, but it's not nearly as clear as last week, when Paige Miles' bags had been pre-packed by the producers. Watch along with me as we learn who will really be singing the Blues after tonight's elimination.

Before we get started tonight, you still have time to listen to today's American Idol podcast where John Kubicek and I battle over who'll be heading home tonight and who is finale bound. Listen to it here.

Last minute roll call, who's here watching with me and who do you think will be sent home tonight? Is "Teflon Tim" (better known here as He-Bangs) finally heading home? Or will it be another shocking elimination? You all know what my fingers and toes are crossed for.

Guest Performer #1: Ruben Studdard

Instead of a group performance tonight, we get the original Michael Lynche ... err, I mean Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard. Whose name I inevitably always want to misspell like a delicious sandwich. Must remember ... Ruben does not equal Reuben:

rubendoesnot.jpg(delicious looking Reuben photo and sandwich courtesy of Rochester Deli)

Cue filler ... followed up by more filler.

This Week's Cheesy Ford Commercial is ... Ninja Themed!

Idolninjas.jpgAnd it tragically involves Tim Urban (and everyone else) singing "Kung Fu Fighting." And no, I'm not that good at photoshop, that really just happened.


Lee Dewyze: SAFE
(the least shocking safe ever)
Casey James: SAFE (Still no surprises.)

It's time to see if Aaron Kelly is safe and for Ryan to ask him overly personal questions that belong on late night talk radio. (That still exists right? Or was that only Sleepless in Seattle?) Ryan asks if Aaron has ever been in love and if understood the emotion behind "Ain't No Sunshine." He then tries to pass the question on to Simon Cowell by joking about how the mean Mr. Simon Cowell has finally found love. Simon, in a way only Simon can, turns it on Ryan saying he's heard that Ryan is also in love. (Hint, Hint folks, with Didi Benami.) This sails right over Ryan's pint-sized head for a moment, until a moment of realization that turns Ryan into something of a Leprechaun Hulk. For a brief glorious moment, I actually think it might come to blows, but instead it just middles in extreme awkward land.  Because apparently this season of American Idol is sponsored by the word A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

Oh right and ...

Aaron Kelly: SAFE

So it's down to either Siobhan or Katie in the Bottom Three and frankly after last night, neither would surprise me.

Siobhan Magnus: SAFE (so, now we know how popular Siobhan is ... the force is strong in this one.)
Katie Stevens: BOTTOM THREE

Halfway through the Top 10 and no big surprises with who's safe and who is in danger of going home. But there are still two seats left.

Guest Performer #2: Usher

Otherwise known as the one where the crowd cheers louder for Usher's protege, Justin Bieber in the audience than Usher himself. Just like Tim Urban, Justin Bieber knows the power of the bangs. (My computer is so overwhelmed with the beauty of the Bieber bangs it will not take a screen cap .. but trust me on this, they are painfully magnificent to gaze upon.) Oh right, Usher is performing. If this performance is any clue, he should have shared his true secret as an Idol mentor: vodocoder (autotune), pyrotechnics and an outfit that screams Clockwork Orange goes to Broadway. Yikes.

Next Week's Theme:

The Lennon/McCartney Song Book

Which makes this girl, named after a Beatles' album pretty darn happy.

But serious talk time American Idol: enough with the mixed messages. You scream for current and contemporary and you're going for The Beatles songbook and an R&B week that had about 20 approved songs that were written after 1995? Makes. No. Sense.

What do you think about next week's theme?

Since Idol has clearly run out of fresh Theme ideas, you should check out our slideshow: "17 Themes We'd Like to See on American Idol." There are no Beatles-esque or Billboard Top 100 style repeats. Promise.


Didi Benami:
(who else is batting 1000% on Fantasy TV tonight? This American Idol writer right here!)
Mike Lynche: SAFE (after a cruel Ryan fake out)
Crystal Bowersox: SAFE (okay that's the least surprising safe ever)

So it's down to Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia in the Bottom Three, truthfully neither would shock me if they ended up there.

Andrew Garcia: SAFE

Alright, so absolutely no surprises in tonight's bottom three.  Save all of you who picked Katie Stevens to be eliminated, because she is safe.

Katie Stevens: SAFE

So it'll either be Didi Benami or Tim Urban going home tonight.

Guest Performer #3: Diddy and Dirty Money

Because those first two guest performances weren't terrible enough. Tonight Idol decided to start with the best (which was RUBEN STUDDARD) and get progressively more awful.

Sometimes I think I get mainstream pop culture and then I see things like Diddy and Dirty Money and feel like I may in fact be an alien, ala V. Are there scales under that skin or just good taste? And why does this guy have hit records again?


Didi Benami

Tim Urban is safe again ... maybe the kid really is Teflon. Or maybe Vote for the Worst has finally found the perfect pick. As of this week, Tim is the Worsters most successful contestant, having survived seven weeks. (Sanjaya was only the Worsters pick for six weeks.)

Didi sings "Rhiannon" for her save tonight, which is a good choice, it was Didi's strongest performance by far and shows off the kind of artist we think Didi might be.

But the real question is, do you think there's anyway the judges will use the save on Didi?
I say no, even though she performs better tonight than she has all season. The judges are going to use that save for someone like Crystal or Lee, in case America decides to keep Tim Urban over one of them.

And I'm right ...

Didi Benami is ELIMINATED

That means I get 2000 points in Fantasy TV, though I take no joy in it. How did you do with your picks tonight?

Surprising no one, tonight's elimination results in a sobbing Didi Benami and ends four minutes after the 7pm cut-off.

And that's your Idol results show America. It's the Year of the Ladies ... which is why three women have been voted off in a row. See you next Tuesday when the Top 9 sing songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook.

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