'American Idol' Top 10 Predictions: Who's Movin' Out?
'American Idol' Top 10 Predictions: Who's Movin' Out?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sorry, American Idol fans, but I couldn't resist an obvious headline. The Top 10 sang the songs of Billy Joel, and it was an interesting night to say the least. There were radical makeovers, former favorites stumbling, a very grouchy Steven Tyler and a surreal performance art piece that might be the strangest and greatest thing ever to be on this show.

This week will also reveal some interesting facts about American Idol voting. Does a great performance matter if the audience has already decided it doesn't like someone, like Elise Testone? Does an awful vocal matter if you're as wildly entertaining as Heejun Han? And does being the best last week matter at all for Joshua Ledet?

Here are my predictions.


Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon killed it once again and made me smile by proving that Tommy Hilfiger is a total joke. The style guru tried to get both of them to change their look, but neither listened to him and the judges even praised them for it. FOX and the show's talent need to get on the same page, because what's the point of bringing in Hilfiger if the judges are just going to agree with some contestants that his advice is stupid and wrong?

Also safe are Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine, who delivered solid enough performances, but more importantly, they have such strong fan support. I'm ready to declare that all four of these safe singers will make it to the Top 6.


Hollie Cavanagh was a bit off her game, but I think she's built up enough support and goodwill to survive. Elise Testone did everything she possibly could vocally and the judges did everything they possibly could to convince America to vote for her. If she's not safe this week, they should just send her home right now. And I know Heejun Han is a wild card, but I think/hope enough people were as in love with his weird performance as I was. And just because it makes me smile, here it is to watch again and again.


Erika Van Pelt: A makeover was needed, but it might be too little, too late. This is the fourth week of voting, and most viewers have already chosen their favorites. It's a bad idea to radically change your look and essentially start from scratch as a new person, and I think that may hurt her.

Joshua Ledet: His performance last week was the best of the entire season so far, but I haven't connected to him as a person yet and this was a very bad week for him. He also performed early and was rather forgettable, which could put him in danger.

DeAndre Brackensick: Much like Sanjaya Malakar, this guy is all hair. Vocally, he's proven over the last two weeks that he didn't really deserve that wild card spot, and I suspect this will be his time to go.

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