'American Idol' to Let Fans SuperVote 50 Times at Once
'American Idol' to Let Fans SuperVote 50 Times at Once
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
American Idol is changing the way fans can vote for their favorite singers this year by adding a new feature. Viewers can still vote by phone and text, but now online voters will be given the opportunity to SuperVote.

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This new SuperVote feature will let fans vote 50 times all at once via the show's mobile app, Facebook or at americanidol.com. The new system will let fans allocate up to 50 votes however they want, to a single singer or divided among all the contestants. Fans can also adjust their votes during the show and then submit them once voting begins at the end of the show.

This new SuperVote will go into effect starting this week. The Top 10 girls will perform Tuesday, March 5 at 8pm and the Top 10 guys will perform Wednesday, March 6. Viewers will vote and, on the 90-minute live results show Thursday, March 7, the top five vote-getters will move on.

Of course American Idol hasn't officially declared whether we'll have a Top 10 as things are always subject to change. My guess is, if the judges or producers aren't completely satisfied with America's picks, they'll introduce a situation where the judges can pick one guy and one girl to move on as well, giving us the more standard Top 12. It's also worth noting that, since FOX announced the American Idol season 12 finale will be on Thursday May 16, a Top 10 would mean that there would have to be one week with no elimination and every other week would only be a single elimination.

How will the Supervote affect the show? Well, since it gives an disproportionate advantage to online viewers who typically skew younger, it probably means that hip, younger contestants will have a distinct advantage over those with an older sound.

Will you SuperVote 50 times for your favorite? Try it out when American Idol voting begins this week.

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