'American Idol' The Top 9 Perform: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
'American Idol' The Top 9 Perform: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
"A little less conversation, a little more action please. All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me. A little more bite and a little less bark. A little less fight and a little more spark..."

That Elvis was a prescient fellow, not only did he help invent rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll, he wrote a song in 1968 that seems as if it were hand-written advice to tonight's Top 9 and their overly chatty, aggressive host, Ryan Seacrest. Hopefully, as the Top 9 tackles the songs of Elvis, there is a little less conversation and a little more action. Hell, I could deal with a lot more action.

With the Top 9 taking the stage again, a controversial mentor in the guy-lined form of Adam Lambert and the promise of two eliminations tomorrow,  all in the confines of an hour and 28 minutes, if there isn't a little more action tonight ... there's never going to be. So watch along with me tonight as we see who has what it takes to keep up with The King and who'll be checking into "Heartbreak Hotel" tomorrow night.

See my song suggestions for the Top 9 as the tackle the songs of The King:

But before the action starts, lets start a little conversation here:

* Who do you think will do well with this week's theme?
* Who do you think will impress Adam Lambert the most?
* And how many times do you think the judges will critique the Top 9 for not being contemporary, despite the retro theme?

After last week, you all know that I was raised on The Beatles, but what you don't know is that was accompanied by a healthy dose of Elvis. Like every girl from the 1960's ... err '80s, Elvis was one of my first crushes and I grew up having technicolor dreams about him. So let's get the lip curl and shaking hips ready, because it's time for Elvis Week on Idol. Again.

For his mentorship stint on The King, Adam Lambert has decided to channel Elvis' signature hair-do, but of course:

elvishair.jpgAdam's number one piece of advice for season 9 is "wake up." And we couldn't agree more. He also spoils at least one song: Tim Urban will be singing "I Can't Help Falling In Love." What do you think about Tim's song choice?

Crystal Bowersox - "Saved"

Adam's Advice: "Let those dreads down and toss them around a bit."

Crystal has taken our advice and gone for one of Elvis' lesser known bluesier gospel songs, which pleases us greatly. She's also strapped back on the electric guitar for a passionate performance that makes me want to stand up and shout "PREACH!" If that's not the goal of a gospel tune, I don't know what is. Another solid, successful performance by this season's front runner.

Simon Says: Randy says he felt like Crystal was the second coming of Bonnie Raitt, which is a high compliment indeed. Simon himself says that he appreciated that Crystal didn't sound like karaoke and then hints that everyone who follows her will. Be prepared folks.

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Safe (unless she gets hit by a Daughtry ... remember to vote!)

Andrew Garcia - "Hound Dog"

Adam's Advice:  "He left me wanting more. I was bored."

Andrew has left his acoustic guitar off stage and clearly his sense as well, because he's done another big band rewrite and managed to make a rollicking song dreadfully dull. When will Andrew Garica realize this is not what he's cut out to do and it will never EVER be called contemporary by the judges if he continues with this cheese fest? My guess? Next week after he's been sent home for this hellacious "Hound Dog."

Simon Says: Randy's apparently wearing his sassy cardigan tonight, because he tells Andrew: "That was definitely not good karaoke." Simon says "I think all of your coolness has been sucked out."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Should be Packing

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