'American Idol' Reveals the Top 24, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
'American Idol' Reveals the Top 24, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is finally here. Time to learn who we'll actually be voting and rooting for on American Idol and not just the people we'll be cursing for wasting our time. Of course, most of that blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of the editor's of American Idol.

But I digress and shed my negativity, because tonight we learn the fate of the Top 24, er, Top 17, actually ... we already know the fate of seven Idol semi-finalists.

Watch along with me tonight for what Ryan promises is going to be a drama-filled Top 24 17 announcement. Which pre-season favorite narrowly misses the semi-finals? What previously unseen contestant will wow us? How many times can Ellen fake out unsuspecting hopefuls before we beg for Paula's return? Stick with me to find out.

Are you ready for an hour of people sitting in chairs? Because it is American Idol time and we're about to find out the remaining members of the Top 24. Cue crying, gasps and a sob-worthy orchestral piece playing ominously in the back. We have 10 spots left for the ladies and eight spots left for the fellas.

Janell Wheeler: TOP 24

I'm still smitten with just about everything we've seen of Janell (save her penchant for sparkly grandma sweaters) and I'm excited to see more from her, even if Simon isn't thrilled with her. With legs like that (seriously, Janell has gams, not legs) Simon will be singing her praises soon enough.

Nine spots left for the ladies.

Tyler Grady: TOP 24

Kara might be crushing on Casey, but I have the hots for Tyler. Gotta love that nerdy '70s style, he looks like an extra out of Dazed and Confused and I'm all for it. Kara may be crushing on him too after Tyler promises, "I'll do any moves you want." That's a fast way into a lady's heart, Tyler.

We now know half of the guys who'll be making the Top 24.

Lacey Brown: TOP 24

This is the second time Lacey has made this long walk to the judges and I'm betting it's a much more successful walk than last season. Simon makes Lacey squirm by saying this year the girls are tougher than last, but she's still getting good news. We haven't heard much of her, but I love what we have. The audition clip they show of Lacey from Hollywood Week was chill-inducing.

Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert, Joe Munoz: TOP 24

Alright, so have we seen anything of Joe Munoz yet? Strange that Idol is still ignoring the kid completely. Do you think that bodes well for him or is it a bad omen?

Crystal Bowersox: TOP 24

I love Didi Benami, but I have to admit that Crystal may be my very favorite lady of season 9. She's laid back, clueless to how huge Idol is and is old school in her approach to music. Crystal says "pop music needs a pick-me-up and a return to its roots." That and I think she has the balls to talk sass back to Simon. I'm calling not just Top 24, but Top 12 and beyond for Crystal.