American Idol: The Curse of Seattle
Due to American Idol, Seattle now has the stereotype of being a city that cannot sing. Whether this really is true or not, last night's Idol episode only benefited from that assumption. The judges seemed very frustrated by those they were being presented with. For a while, it appeared as if nothing would please them. Unlike Minneapolis, the contestants in Seattle lacked extreme, definitive quirkiness, but they sang with identical determination and stubbornness. One man, a hair-stylist by trade, bragged about looking like Idol icon, Taylor Hicks; sang nothing like Hicks; and nearly had security set on him when he attempted to give Simon a new hair style! For the viewers' entertainment, like in Minneapolis, a performer showed up dressed as an American flag. The season prior, he came dressed in his police uniform, but he bombed both auditions.
The absence of Jewel as a guest judge hurt the show. Rounding out the judges' gender disparity, Jewel clearly lent support to the outnumbered Paula Abdul. However, on last night's episode, Abdul showed passionate irritation toward Simon on several instances telling him to "Stop it!" and directly contradicting his critiques. While frequently she keeps quiet during the male judges' tirades, she would have nothing for it in the Emerald City. Despite Seattle's American Idol candidates bringing in a little less oddball presentations than their Minnesotan counterparts, the true talent of Seattle sang at a higher caliber than those of Minneapolis. While most of the Minneapolis contestants who made the Hollywood cut--all 17 of them--never really wowed the judges, several of Seattle's potential Idols received impressive compliments from both Randy and Paula. Simon, on the other hand, fuming all day, hardly bore the capacity to even think of giving a good performance review. A brother-sister pair made it to Hollywood. Both young--the boy being 17 and his sister 19--they sang very well, and even Simon appeared impressed by little brother. Another man from Oregon made the initial cut after his third time trying out for the show. And Randy displayed high regards for one contestant who performed exquisitely at the age of 16. These beautiful singers were sparse, however, and in the end, only 15 performers made it to Hollywood! The judges looked frazzled and ready to pull their hair out as the last presenter, a red-haired, bearded man, squeaked out a frightful rendition of Freddie Mercury's "Bohemian Rhapsody," officially summarizing and capping off the two-days of auditions. Hopefully, they decide to return to Seattle, and perhaps, next season the curse of Seattle will be lifted. -BuddyTV Staff Columnist